In a historic and monumental event, the United States has opened the first US military base in the heart of the Negev Desert in Israel. This is a first as no other nation has an actual military base in the Israeli state, and it will serve as a deterrent from anyone who wants to attack Israel. The base will serve as both a physical and symbolic reminder to Israeli and Americans about the commitment both of these nations have made with one another. Both armed forces have a long history of cooperation with one another and this base will continue to foster the companionship between the United States and Israel.

Brigadier General Tzvika Haimovitch, head of the IAF’s Aerial Defense Command, was thrilled to announce the opening of the base, which he mentions had no significant timing. Haimovitch was excited because of the importance that the base will serve in Israel’s defense. The American base will be able to better protect and prepare Israel in the event of any attacks that could occur as the American missile defense systems will dramatically help improve the defense of Israelis.

Although the United States has long stationed troops in the Middle Eastern state, never has an actual American flag been flown to represent the territory as for Americans. The new American base has been built as an addition to an already existing Israel Air Force base, and this will allow the two armed forces to run exercises and preparedness drills in unison rather than apart.

The bases existence is nothing short of historic according to Haimovitch, who values the companionship and brotherhood found between Israeli and American soldiers. It will now give the two forces more opportunities to learn from one another as well as protect the Israeli and American interests in the region.

The two nations have long shared a history together in terms of military cooperation. Countless deployments and drills have taken place in Israel with both American and Israeli forces for many years, but this new base represents something more.

Since the base is not going to be far away from an American built radar station, which tracks and reports information concerning incoming missiles and defenses against them, the new American base will be able to serve as both a deterrent and solution to any problems concerning enemy missile launches. Missile launches have been a large concern for both Americans and Israelis since Hezbollah fired missiles across the border in the 2006 Lebanon-Israel War.

As the ceremony for the opening of the base included many optimistic and excited officers and soldiers, it represented something deeper than just cooperation between states. It showed that these two nations are going to stand side by side against anyone who threatens their existence and friendship. It should serve as a reminder to any forces in the area that would seek pain or suffering in the direction of Israel that we are not abandoning our allies to the mercy of their enemies.

The United States is going to protect and fight for our allies and their right to exist.  The base will now remind all of the threats in the region just where the United States stands as there can be no mistake on the part of Russia or Iran where the United States and Israel stand in the region.  As the tensions continue to escalate in Syria and around Iran, the companionship between the United States and Israel is not going to falter in the face of danger.

The first American military base in Israel will allow for the two great nations to effectively and efficiently train and deal with any threats that are cause for alarm. The Americans stationed in Israel will find themselves in familiar surroundings now that there is an American flag flying above their barracks and work spaces.

They are no longer just soldiers on a deployment, they are warriors operating with a mission. The partnership between the nations has fostered an atmosphere of brotherhood and camaraderie over the time they have spent together training and preparing for combat, but now the nations are going to be able to do so much more now that their readiness for attack will be at an all time high with the addition of the new American base.