Craig Bannister

“I don’t understand on what grounds you make these demands,” Tucker Carlson told an illegal alien “DREAMER” threatening to hold American citizens “accountable” if they don’t grant amnesty to all illegal aliens.

Illegal alien “DREAMER” and childhood arrival Ivan Ceja appeared on Carlson’s Monday Fox News Channel program to defend the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy and demand citizenship for all illegal aliens.

U.S. elected officials must represent illegal aliens – not just American citizens – Deja declared:

“These elected officials are there to represent all constituents – including undocumented immigrants that live in these communities – and, although we do not vote on them directly, we do take great part in our community. And, also, we ask to be represented.

“We are paying taxes, we are contributing to the community, and we just ask that we be represented. “

Carlson replied that America’s officials are supposed to represent U.S. citizens and asked, “Why do you have the right to demand anything?” “I don’t understand on what grounds you make these demands.”

Carlson said that, if he went to another country and made the type of demands Ceja is making, they’d tell him to “Buzz off”:

“If I show up in someone else’s country and I say, ‘You know what, I demand to have a voice in the political system here, I demand benefits, I demand respect’ they’d say, ‘Buzz off, pal. Leave! You have no position from which to demand those things.’