“It was just over the top.”

Steve Watson | Infowars.com


The king of fake news, Brian Williams of MSNBC, worried out loud Wednesday that President Trump’s use of the word ‘sovereign’ during his UN speech was some sort of signal to the international community that the US is abandoning international cooperation.

“Back to this use of this word ‘sovereign’ and ‘sovereignty.’ Williams stated, talking to McClatchy White House correspondent Anita Kumar, who was on a panel of leftists tasked with picking apart and negging on Trump’s speech.

“Did you hear a buzzword or a dog whistle in his repeated use of that word?” Williams asked.

“We knew he was going to talk a little bit about that…” Kumar responded. “We were sort of expecting this theme, but it was just way more – it was just over the top.”

Kumar continued, suggesting that Trump’s repeated use of the term should set alarm bells ringing.

“You know, it caused me to go back through and count how many times, and so, he used that word ‘sovereign’ or ‘sovereignty’ 21 times. It was definitely the word,” she urged.

“What does that mean?” Williams asked.

“It just means what he was talking about from the beginning, which is “America first,” ‘we’re going to go it alone,’” Kumar surmised.

She then stated that by referring to the US as a sovereign nation it was “undermining the U.N.” and other international organizations by intimating that they “don’t matter.”

“That really undermines to me the UN which is where he was today, NATO, EU, places like that. International bodies he was really saying, don’t matter as much anymore.” Kumar claimed.

Another of the guests,  Jeremy Bash, former Chief of Staff for the DOD and CIA under Obama claimed that Trump’s “idea of nationalism” is a “Russian ideology,” that plays into “Putin’s playbook.”

Williams asked Bash if Trump was doing “permanent damage” as regards the relationship with the international community.

Bash stated that Trump was projecting a “dangerous” and “concerning” message to the world.

To these unabashed globalists, even hearing the President use the word ‘sovereign’ is a trigger.