Warning: Graphic Content – May be disturbing to some readers

Source: Daily Mail

There have been reports from India of a massive stray dog problem. An attack on a four-year-old boy highlights that it could be a lot more serious than was known. Praveen Kumar left his house along with his sister to play outside with some other children. It was then that he was mauled by a pack of 17 stray dogs.

Kumar was reportedly attacked for an astonishing 30 minutes. His parents are making a disturbing claim. They say that neighbors heard the screams and ran outside. Instead of helping the boy by trying to get the dogs off him, they filmed the vicious scene, all while the little boy was crying for help.

The President of the Child Right Association Achyuta Rao has taken the case and says;

“The dogs pounced on the child and bit him indiscriminately. Onlookers watched the incident and instead of rescuing him and taking him to hospital, they mercilessly captured the episode on their mobile phones.”

Rao also says that besides the morbid curiosity that pushed them to film, “They were also scared of dogs.”

The boy suffered bites all over his body and video shows him lying in a pool of blood crying, begging for his mama. Witnesses say he was only semi-conscious at this point. Both his parents left their day laborer jobs as soon as they were notified to rush him to the nearby government hospital, Guntur.

He was pronounced dead when he arrived. Dr. Raja Naidu, the medical superintendent states;

“’The child was brought to us already dead in the evening. He had succumbed to multiple wounds and excessive blood loss as he was brutally attacked.”

Rao states that the mother of the little boy had filed a complaint last week with Guntur Municipal Corporation about the mess the dogs were causing near the family’s home;

“She actually complained to the corporation but she received no response. She cries that her son could have been alive today if necessary actions had taken place. We are now going to approach Human Rights Commission to take action against the Guntur Municipal Corporation. It’s their responsibility to make the roads safe for people and this incident should be taken into consideration.”

Ramchandra Reddy, an additional commissioner in the corporation issued a statement as well;

“We have come to know about the unfortunate incident that happened yesterday. We are continuously sterilizing more than 2,300 dogs in this area and we are sending out teams to catch stray dogs as we cannot kill them until we get an order from the Supreme Court. We know that Guntur has a large number of stray dogs in the state and we are working on the matter to curb this menace.”

If this incident pushes officials to take action, then at least it won’t be completely in vain. However, it will be too late for Kumar and his heartbroken family.