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Jimmy Kimmel’s credibility on health care questioned after this revelation

Carlos Garcia

Jimmy Kimmel has been applauded by many for his passionate missives against the GOP’s latest Obamacare repeal effort, the Graham-Cassidy bill, but a new revelation is undermining his credibility for many.

Is Jimmy Kimmel biased?

The Daily Beast reported Friday that Kimmel reached out to the office of leading Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) for talking points to paint the bill as destructive of health care for Americans. Given that it doesn’t appear that he asked for similar guidance from Republicans, and that he didn’t reveal this to his audience, some see this as evidence of his bias and dishonesty on the issue.

According to the report, Schumer’s office “provided technical guidance and info about the bill, as well as stats from various think tanks and experts on the effects of [Graham-Cassidy].” Kimmel also received guidance from health care officials, charities and advocacy groups.

How long has Kimmel been doing this?

to the Daily Beast.Byron York of the Washington Examiner said, “Looks like Jimmy Kimmel is the entertainment arm of the Schumer effort to stop Obamacare repeal.” Stephen Miller of Fox News responded, “Kimmel in his monologue acted like he knew details of bill & got wild applause. Was just handed notes by Schumer. Bravo media.” Guy Benson of Townhall said, “Kimmel, who admits knowing nobody hurt by Obamacare, was literally reading Democrat talking points. Shocka.”

Why is this important?

Kimmel persuaded many Americans against the Graham-Cassidy bill with his passionate attacks from atop his soapbox on his late night show. It would have been more honest of him to admit that he got talking points from a top Democrat instead of pretending he was studiously and objectively poring over the legislation.

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