Walter W. Murray, reporter

The same liberal hype machine that slams Ivanka Trump at every turn just loves to hold Chelsea Clinton up on a pedestal.

But last week, she was knocked right off it.


Chelsea was CAUGHT dead to rights not only feeding the left-wing hype machine, but spreading a deliberately false story concocted just to panic liberals. She wanted to make conservatives look bad and further divide the nation.

“Absolutely appalling,” Clinton breathlessly wrote on Twitter. “Michigan House passed bill allowing EMTs to refuse treatment to gay people.”

She linked to a story about the bill, which CBS Detroit legal analyst Charlie Langton claimed would mean “a Christian doctor who does not believe in a gay lifestyle, would not have to treat a gay patient.”


Just one problem: It’s the very definition of FAKE NEWS!

This so-called “appalling” story is three years old, and Langton’s claim has been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked.

“The exact same law has been on the books at the federal level and in many states for almost twenty years, and no such claim has ever been made,” Michael W. McConnell, a professor at Stanford University Law School and former federal appeals court judge, told The Weekly Standard at the time. “And if it were made, it would lose in court, probably unanimously.”

The bill in question was a simple religious freedom act. As McConnell noted, they have been passed around the nation to forbid governments from forcing people to take actions that violate sincerely held religious beliefs.

Even those who backed the law said explicitly it was not a bill to allow for any form of discrimination.

“Michigan residents simply need the reassurance that they can practice their faith without the fear of being harassed or sued, or their businesses threatened by government action,” Rep. Greg MacMaster, who voted for the bill, said in a news release at the time.

House Speaker Jase Bolger said in a statement of his own that the bill “is not a license to discriminate; the courts have already demonstrated for decades that wild claims will not be supported.”

Clinton got an earful for posting her fake news claims, and eventually deleted the tweet. Amazingly, however, she somehow found the audacity to DEFEND it anyway, even after she wiped it off Twitter!

“That such a bill was passed anytime is appalling & 2014 not so long ago,” she wrote in an effort to justify her irresponsible actions. “Deleted the original to avoid confusion. Still appalled.”

Yes, she’s “still appalled” … by something that NEVER happened.

Ironically, Clinton’s own father — former President Bill Clinton — and nearly every Democrat in Congress was once on the opposite side of the issue.

In 1993, Congress passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, sponsored in the Senate by famed liberal Ted Kennedy and in the House by then-Congressman Chuck Schumer

Once upon a time, religious freedom was considered a bipartisan cause and a fundamental American right.

If nothing else, this is proof of how the Democratic Party has become a party of the extreme left… and why they lost control of government at nearly every level.

— Walter W. Murray is a reporter for The Horn News. He is an outspoken conservative and a survival expert, and is the author of “America’s Final Warning.