Carlos Garcia

The Trump administration announced a new revised travel ban with further restrictions on Sunday evening after their previous travel ban expired.

What countries are affected?

The previous travel ban that is expiring included Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This new travel ban drops Sudan and adds three other nations – Chad, North Korea and Venezuela.

Why is Sudan off the travel ban list?

White House officials indicated that the country is cooperating with more strict travel controls meant to protect American citizens from harmful militants and terrorists. It’s also sharing more security information the administration requested.

What is in this revised travel ban?

Senior administration officials told reporters about the new revised ban regulations in a phone conference Sunday.

“These restrictions are necessary and they are conditions-based, and not time-based,” one senior official told reporters. “The goal is not to indefinitely block people from coming to our country. The goal is to protect Americans until foreign governments comply with our standards and no longer pose a risk to our people.”

Travel restrictions will vary from country to country depending on their specific situation in relation to aiding U.S. security.

Acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke will be updating President Trump on the ban every 180 days. Countries may be taken off the list or added depending on how cooperative they are with our security requests.

“The bottom line is that we are no longer allowing information-sharing deficiencies overseas to threaten our security here at home,” said the official.

How will this affect the Supreme Court consideration of the travel ban?

The Trump administration has suggested both sides produce new legal briefs to the court over the new travel ban. The court will take up the question of whether the ban discriminates against Muslims in October.