Source: The New York Post

One of the biggest excuses given for condoning outsourcing is that not enough Americans know skills like computer coding. Now clearly, this is not true when one sees all of the very qualified coders working at Wendy’s or Taco Bell.

In the meantime, President Trump is keeping the promise to be a great president to even those who did not vote for him and even when the media will stay silent on his good work. This is seen in the fact that America’s leader made a “proclamation” today to “make teaching computer coding a priority in US schools,” the New York Post confirms. $200 million dollars per year will be set aside to make it happen, too. It is a small price to pay compared to what outsourcing is costing us.

Ivanka Trump worked on the idea with the Department of Education and she discovered that “It’s easy with computer science and technology to relegate it to simply the tech field,” she has said.

But the reality of the modern workforce is that technology is innovating and disrupting every industry. It is viewed by this administration as a foundational skill to understand computer science,” she added in what is one of the most forward-thinking conclusions in modern economic times.

It is said that minorities and girls are often overlooked in the field of STEM-related jobs.

While Milo and others have proven this to not be the case and while most students are free to sign for any computing classes that they wish, Trump is aiming to ensure that such is the case and is targeting these two groups specifically.

…and they said that he was not the president for all of America.

The programs need to be designed with diversity in mind,” said one who is called only an Administrative official by the Post.

As the media gathers around the president in an effort to smear and besmirch his work, it is good to see that it is not stopping him from making America great again for ALL of us.