Source: The Daily Star

There have been predictions that California is going to suffer a terrible earthquake and fall into the ocean. That is not really possible due to the actual structure of the Earth’s crust. It is a myth. However, there is nothing fake about the severity of the shaking that can happen there. The Daily Star reports that California has been rocked by 28 earthquakes in only the last 24 hours and some say the big one is yet to come.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento have all suffered 1.5 magnitude quakes and while that is not sufficient to cause any damage, it is a precursor to a potentially horrible event. The activity is clearly evident.

Some reports are as high a 3.6 and the order of magnitude structure of measuring earthquakes means that (for instance) a 2.7 would be ten times as bad as the 2.6 was. With that math in mind, experts are predicting a massive 7.0 or higher quake which would cripple California.

A sizeable quake will level at least some of the nuclear power plants which litter the state like nuclear bombs just waiting to go off, too. This could kill far more people for far longer than the quake itself.

As for when “the big one” is going to strike, ““In some cases, the time separation between quakes is as short as 60 years, and in others, it is around 300 years,” says Robert Graves, a researcher for the US Geological Survey.

This variability is one reason that makes forecasting when the next quake will occur quite difficult,” he added. “It will happen sometime.

That is the biggest problem, too. People scoff and don’t take the threat seriously.

So, people in California do not demand that ALL buildings be as structurally sound as, say the governor’s mansion. They cut corners in some instances and that is why these areas are always so decimated when a shaker happens.

The green fanatics keep building environment-killing nuclear power plants and acting as if they are somehow safe just because it is too much work to protest or one’s friends may laugh at them.


Sooner or later, this California apathy is going to turn around and bite them in the most dreadful way.