Source: Conservative Tribune

Malik Obama, the half-brother of the former president, has the knack for saying things that most others are thinking but don’t dare to voice. This is exactly what he has done again today when he took to Twitter to take on Senator John McCain in a question which nobody else would dare to ask.

Senator McCain has often been called a hero. He served in Vietnam and was held prisoner by the North Vietnamese for almost six years. His dedication to country frequently earns him praise. Except for recently. It is difficult to understand how the war hero became a RINO Senator who continually disrespects the president and his constituents. Malik wanted an answer to a particular piece of McCain’s betrayal though.

McCain has certainly not acted like a man who honors his country lately. He has helped to sink Obamacare repeals not once but twice now. He did this despite repeatedly telling Arizona citizens that the would “repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as possible.”

If that were not enough, his attacks on President Trump have been frequent and vicious. This is not just the president but the one McCain’s own party put into the election. Why would McCain turn his back on President Trump in such a traitorous way? Nobody seems to know the answer except McCain himself and he isn’t talking about that.

In regards to Malik’s question, no answer is forthcoming from McCain but users on Twitter certainly chimed in;

“He too busy making backroom deals and screwing his countryman.”

“Because he refuses to do anything in agreement with Trump even if it’s for the good of this country!”

“Sadly, McCain does not support conservative ideals, any more.  He sabotaged healthcare.”

Unfortunately, all of those seem to be truthful answers.