The streets of America are growing more and more unsafe as groups of teens look to hurt those in their path. There are many times when people are just out and about enjoying themselves when a group of young adults or teens will approach and then a scuffle will start. This time a group of teens and young adults are wanted for the assault of two teenagers while they were eating in a Burger King on Long Island, New York.

The two 16-year-old kids were just enjoying themselves and their food when an older looking group entered the restaurant. Looking for trouble, the gang quickly noticed the two teens who were outnumbered and outmatched. These kids were not looking for a fight but for victims as their tactics included harassing and taking cheap shots against the teenagers. This is a common tactic for cowards to pick fights with younger and smaller victims who are outnumbered because instead of challenging someone to a 1v1 type of fight, cowards and bullies would just take cheap shots and let their friends help.

The teenagers did their best to avoid trouble and talk their way out of the situation but it was no use as the aggressor, and probably alpha, of the group took a cheap shot and knocked one kid to the ground. Shocked, the other teen tried to escape or help but was quickly grabbed and tormented by the other bullies. They began to stomp and beat the kids until they had their fill of violence and left the scene. The police have released the video in an attempt to get information about the assailants.

It seems like more and more one hears stories about groups of kids attacking one or two other kids. It seems like they are obviously bullies but the mentality goes much deeper as when all of their actions are taken into account. This time the group included five males and a few females so it would seem likely that the young adults were full of angst and competition among themselves to impress the girls in the group so they probably thought that beating up defenseless kids were the right ones to attack.

It was only a month or so ago when a group of young adults attacked an innocent group of teens on a pier.  The thugs surrounded the much younger and smaller teens who were obviously beginning to fear for their safety.  They began to slap the teens and spit on them in an attempt to make them submit or at the very least intimidate them into the corner.

Once one thug ran up and took a cheap shot and retreated back into the crowd, it was open season on the teens who were just trying to enjoy their day on a pier.  The thugs stomped and attacked the boys until they were on the ground and calling for help and yet still they continued to stomp and spit on the teens.  Why?  What could have possibly led a group of American children to such an extreme situation where they are attacking and spitting on other Americans?

The mob mentality that is displayed in the video is sickening as these young adults begin to viciously attack the two teens who only seem guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the group begin to circle around the teens there are no efforts made by anyone else in the building to stop the fight from taking place, thus giving the bullies permission to carry out their assault. It is a real shame that these two teens had to learn such a hard lesson in a place that should be safe, public.

The police are hoping that by releasing the video to the internet that they can get some more information about the identities of the attackers in the video. Both teens who were attacked had to go to the hospital for their injuries and every American knows that those bills are not cheap. These thugs need to be brought to justice for their vicious assault and should be warned that not all victims in America will act in that manner, many will defend themselves rather than be at their mercy.

WATCH: Gang of Seven Attack Two Teens Inside a Burger King, Video can be Traumatic for Some.