Sources: Defense SystemsThe Conservative Tribune

In high-tech combat, it is possible that some of the planes in the sky cannot easily communicate with other warplanes during times of conflict due to differences in older and newer models of military machines. When this happens, confusion, risks for friendly fire, and even failed objectives can be the outcome.

The Conservative Tribune tells us that, for instance, “new technology platforms including the F-22 and F-35 fighters” can have a difficult time “communicating with older but still useful allied assets” such as the still effective F-15. Thankfully, a new device called the “Einstien Box” is the gamechanger that the military has been seeking to transform the modern battlefield.

We are told that even when communications were working splendidly, “pilots need to coordinate their fire in order to take out the enemy as effectively as possible” so that they don’t waste firepower on hitting the same target again and again.

That is why this is so vital and why Defense Systems (DS) praises “Enterprise Mission Computer 2.0,” also known as the EMC2.

The new box was put on board a “U-2 “Dragon Lady surveillance craft” and we are told that “The EMC2 is designed to be stealthy, operate at high-altitude, increase the line-of-sight scope necessary for directional data transmissions, and overcome the communication barrier between different generations of aircraft,” from DS.

This is a new translation device that allows the machines to not only talk to each other but also, it allows the U.S. to communicate with allied forces, a HUGE boon.

Secured to the avionics processor of an aircraft, the EMC2 could reconfigure the wavelengths of incoming communication signals to ensure compatibility between the different tactical data links of transmitting aircraft,” DS also stated.

New aircraft use “stealthy radio transmissions above 20 gigahertz to stay fairly undetectable” even when dealing with heavy amounts of data.

This is the “go-between” that was needed and now that this exists, the U.S. is more effective than ever before.