Source: Breitbart News

It’s a known fact that CNN has done whatever they could to make sure that President Donald Trump’s agenda is tarnished. They have attempted on several times to claim that there is a Russian collusion, even celebrating when it was discovered that Facebook ads were purchased by the Russian government. However, they were forced to reveal that it wasn’t Trump that was getting help, but rather the liberal darling Black Lives Matter.

Breitbart News reveals that “in late 2015 and early 2016, the Russians used Facebook ads to promote Black Lives Matter.” Once again we see that, if Putin was trying to help Donald Trump, he would not have funded that hate group. Even a raging leftist can’t honestly claim so. With CNN forced to finally report on the truth of the Russian collusion story, it is absolutely not what they hoped to be telling America.

The Russian coverage of Ferguson and Baltimore also seemed to lean heavily in the same direction as CNN and others. That is somewhat humorous since Russia, by taking that stand, furthered the idea that this point of view was the “correct” one. After all, why would they have purchased ads on Facebook if that isn’t what they thought?

The “ad was meant to appear both as supporting Black Lives Matter,” sources have confessed. It seems to be almost an afterthought that they mention, by the way, this hateful group “could be seen as portraying the group as threatening to some residents of Baltimore and Ferguson.”

So if Russia suffers riots, President Trump would be wise to have the U.S. buy ads promoting those against Putin? After all, Russia by siding with Black Lives Matter and their drivel has endorsed what can be equated to the “American Pussy Riot.”

While not admitting to trying to help Clinton’s failing campaign, the source says that “the apparent goal of the Russian buyers was to amplify political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos.”

This is a rather hypocritical stance for a Russian leader who tossed out NGOs from his nation for doing the same things (which the tempestuous George Soros was doing).

As the facts keep coming in, we are seeing quite clearly that there is nothing whatsoever about the Russian narrative that stands up to even the tiniest bit of scrutiny, no matter how much vodka one drinks.