“On The Holmes Front” with Frank Holmes

Source: Horn News

It took some work, but liberals have done it: They’ve officially found the most ridiculous non-scandal in presidential history. Liberals, backed by leftist billionaire George Soros, are suing President Donald Trump for deleting his Twitter messages!

Like everyone on social media, the president has erased messages for spelling or other reasons. After the Alabama Senate race this week, he deleted tweets endorsing Luther Strange over Justice Roy Moore, the “Ten Commandments judge,” who won the Republican nomination (and will make a great senator).


Betting on the wrong horse might be embarrassing, but Trump’s enemies want to make his actions illegal.

In June two left-wing legal groups, both funded by George Soros, sued President Trump over the deletestorms.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the National Security Archive claim that scrubbing tweets violates the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

Why? Because the president’s 280-character messages are official presidential documents.

“By deleting these records, the White House is destroying essential historical records,” said CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder.

“Presidential records are at risk,” whined Tom Blanton, director of the National Security Archive.

Give me a break!

Everything about their lawsuit is misleading, including their names. CREW has no ethics, and the “NSA” is not a government agency.

But the fact is that all of Trump’s presidential tweets are officially preserved forever – even the ones Trump doesn’t want to save on his Twitter feed.

“On Twitter, the White House automatically archives ‘tweets’ from official White House accounts, ‘direct messages’ sent to or from official White House accounts, and ‘mentions’ (tweets from other users to official White House accounts,” according to the White House privacy policy.

Like everything Trump else says or does, his tweets are recorded, saved, and usually distorted and criticized by the media.

The whole thing is nearly as ridiculous as the seven people who are suing President Trump for blocking them on Twitter. A Soros-funded legal center filed that lawsuit, too.

Seeing a pattern?

These groups are so desperate to “get” our president that they will do anything, grasp at any straw, to hound him out of office and put another Obama or Clinton in his place.

That’s why they jumped on President Trump literally from the very beginning. On January 21 – the day after he was inaugurated – they pounced on the president for deleting a tweet where he misspelled the word “honored.” An article accusing Trump of breaking the law appeared in Marie Claire on January 22.

Listening to them, you’d think correcting spelling is practically a form of treason!

The fact that Trump retweeted the message minutes later doesn’t matter to them.

They don’t care about preserving records: They care about smearing Trump as a criminal.

The left-wingers want Americans to hate Trump just a little bit less than they hate America.

And if Trump broke the law, then they can have him impeached – which is their only real goal: kicking out the first president to fight back in decades and go on with turning America into a second-rate socialist, globalist country.

How do I know these groups don’t really care about free speech and presidential record-keeping? Look at all the ways they’ve covered up real scandals when their left-wing friends were in power.

Hillary’s private e-mail server – and the real deletestorm.

The former leader of CREW sued the Obama administration to find out every e-mail address associated with Hillary Clinton, including private ones. The State Department lied and said she didn’t use an unofficial e-mail account.

Suddenly, CREW’s leader was out-the-door and a man named David Brock became chairman of the board.

When the truth about Hillary’s homebrew e-mail server came to light, Brock didn’t sue. He didn’t appeal. He didn’t even issue a press release.

Coincidentally, during the 2016 presidential election Brock ran a pro-Hillary PAC, called “Correct the Record.” It spent $9.7 million “defending” Hillary from attacks (you know, the truth).

He was a hired gun to drive people telling the truth about Hillary off the Internet.

The L.A. Times reported that its whole purpose was to “find and confront social media users who post unflattering messages about the Democratic front-runner.”

But then, CREW was always a Hillary front. Its founder, Melanie Sloan, said she founded CREW after being inspired by Hillary Clinton and her hope to “beat the GOP at their own game.”

Its first director and vice president was Mark Penn, the Clinton’s pollster.

CREW’s partner in the new lawsuit, NSA head Tom Blanton, covered up for Hillary, too.

“Using a private server…is a terrible practice,” Blanton said. “The problem is that everybody does it.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure no candidate in presidential history has ever done that, Tom.

Sandy Berger shreds documents.

Remember Bill Clinton’s former national security official shoved documents inside his pants, then took them home and shredded them?

Those reports could have shed light on how America missed the warning signs before 9/11 – and how we could avoid doing it again.

These were original, paper documents that had one-of-a-kind writing on each page. Once they were shredded, they were lost to history forever.

Was Tom Blanton outraged? Did he demand justice?

He told S-CPAN, “We still don’t know that whole story.”

Obama’s sealed records.

Neither organization said a peep about the president’s secrecy about everything: his college behavior, his grades, even his legal last name.

This court case is just their latest stab at protecting George Soros’ toadies, attacking his enemies, and turning America into a wasteland.

Let’s hope judges delete this lawsuit.

— Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”