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A man gouged out the eyes of his child’s mother in a gruesome domestic attack

Deniz Kofteci


A mom is now blind and a father is in jail after her allegedly ripped her eyes out of their sockets during a horrific domestic attack.

On Wednesday night officers responded to calls reporting a domestic attack in a Chattanooga, Tennessee neighborhood. According to an affidavit obtained by our affiliate WTVC, the Police arrived at the scene to find the 33-year-old woman laying face down in her yard next to one of her eyeballs. The other is still missing.

The woman also suffered a laceration to her right arm, a stab wound to her stomach and breast, the affidavit states.

45-year-old Michael Roberson was arrested at the scene and charged in the gruesome attack. He told police the fight between he and his child’s mother started over the kid but says he “blacked out and did not remember what he did.” He also told officers that he is “at a low point in his life.”

A 16-year-old neighbor told WTVC that he tried to intervene and was so traumatized that he stayed home from school Thursday, trying to forget what he saw. He told the reporter Roberson was sitting on top of the woman, using only his hands to destroy her face.

Witnesses say the couple’s young son was present at the time of the attack and saw everything happen.

Emily O’Donnell is working with the Women’s Foundation on legislation that would add extra time to the sentence of someone found guilty of committing domestic violence in front of a child.

“That is a horrific crime to witness at any age,” O’Donnell said.

National research shows that in about half of reported domestic attacks , children are present. Which means nearly 15 million children witness domestic violence every year.

O’Donnell says children who witness domestic violence are more likely to be violent when they grow up. She says they are also more prone to substance abuse problems. Witnessing high levels of domestic violence can have lifelong effects on a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.
Roberson remains in custody at the Hamilton County Jail, and now faces charges of attempted first degree murder and aggravated domestic assault.

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