Turmoil and chaos continues to plague the island of Puerto Rico as the aftermath of Hurricane Maria settles. The left has relentlessly used the recent hurricanes in the Atlantic to bash President Trump and his attempts to help these affected areas because they are doing anything they can to harm his presidency. The Mayor of San Juan in Puerto Rico has especially lashed out against the President’s attempt to help but her involvement in corruption and collusion makes her an unhelpful hypocrite. It has been revealed that she directed up to $20,000 of state funding to violent groups participating in riots.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is the liberal mayor of San Juan and has been one of the biggest critics of Trump’s attempts to help. There is a constant outcry from the media claiming that Trump is not helping enough or that he is somehow racist for not helping. Not only has Trump helped about as much as a President could, other Puerto Ricans are finding that the help from the United States is great.

The Mayor has been vocal about her lack of respect for Trump in the past and it is no surprise that a Democrat is using their position of power and influence to spread a political message during a time of crisis. However, her involvment with corruption and colluding with violent rioters makes her the last person who should critcize relief efforts. Cruz directed state funding to a group called “Call to Action” who organized a violent protest againt United States involvement in Puerto Rico.

The event organized by Call to Action was designed to protest against the United States becoming involved with the drastically unbalanced Puerto Rican budget. The event quickly turned violent as these protesters were professional political activists engaging in organized violence designed to antagonize the opposition, just like groups like BLM or ANTIFA. These groups are dangerous because they support political violence over peacefully talking through complicated issues and their supporters are eager for the unrest and turmoil.

Mayor Cruz’s involvement with the relief efforts of Puerto Rico have been described as unhelpful and actually problematic. Other Puerto Ricans say she is a political hack who only works in front of the camera as a means to gain voters and that she has almost refused to work with FEMA. The constant reminded from the media that suggests that Puerto Rico is being neglected by the United States is an outright lie that is being used to hurt Trump.

The corruption involving Mayor Cruz does not stop at funding radical and violent protesters but also misdirecting funding towards her friends. It was revealed that Cruz approved almost $10 million in Christmas bonuses to her staff while the rest of Puerto Rico suffered from a horribly unbalanced deficit. Liberals like Cruz are not in the public service to serve the public but rather to serve themselves and their friends’ interests.

Conservatives and other Americans have to be cautious when listening to politicians who are using their position during a traumatic event to push an agenda. The Mayor of Houston did the same thing during Hurricane Harvey as a means to spread the main policy of the DNC, resist. Mayor Cruz’s voters must recall a woman like this who would rather use her position as mayor to make her friends rich and spread an anti-Trump message rather than help the people of Puerto Rico.

In a shocking revelation, a police officer from Puerto Rico actually called a Latino radio station to explain how Cruz was actually hurting Puerto Ricans.  He explained that Cruz was withholding food and supplies from citizens while trying to surmount some kind of publicity stunt.  The Mayor will not work or help others unless in will benefit her in some way or another.

The recovery efforts that are being spearheaded by Trump and United States are being hindered by liberals like Mayor Cruz. She is using misinformation to spread a message of resistance and illegitimacy to the people of the world while Trump is doing everything within his power to help people in need. The Mayor of San Juan is a political hack who should be disregarded when it comes to information because she is an unhelpful and biased politician using her position to spread fear and ignorance.