Source: The Washington Free Beacon

Earlier today we reported on the disgusting behavior of Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and other liberals using the tragedy in Las Vegas for political reasons. With the number of dead still rising, the left is calling for gun control. 59 confirmed dead and over 500 injured, it would seem just the moral thing to do would be to wait at least a day or two.

A Democratic congressman from Massachusetts went one step further. Seth Moulton refused to participate in a moment of silence held today because, in his words, “it’s a time for action.”

The House of Representatives held a moment of silence as did the president and the first lady. Dozens of lawmakers sent their sympathy and prayers to the victims and families in Las Vegas. Yet, Moulton and his fellow liberals cannot manage an ounce of sympathy for even a day after the largest mass shooting in American history. This despicable man needs a lesson in decency.

He claims he did the same thing after the Orlando, Florida Pulse nightclub shooting but that is not exactly accurate. He tweeted out “thoughts and prayers” after that tragedy. However, he claims that after he did he was attacked by his constituents. So, the citizens of Massachusetts are to blame for his cold, callous behavior? Someone should let them know.

This type of behavior was not limited to lawmakers. A CBS top lawyer posted on Facebook that “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are republican gun toters.” In a wonderful showing of instant karma, the network promptly fired her.

As most of the country and even the world joins together to support the devastated town, people like Hillary and Moulton can take their politics and…