Source: PJ Video

CNN was able to catch up with the Las Vegas shooter’s brother, Eric Paddock, and they only cared about how his brother acquired the firearms. No question about motive, no question about his family’s thoughts on the incident. CNN only cared about whether they could portray him as a Second Amendment advocate. That’s not even true; they only wanted to secure  more evidence for their gun-nut hypothesis. They’ll run with the story regardless… because they’re CNN. But Paddock said that his brother was not a “gun enthusiast.” He also stated, “He had no machine guns when I moved him from Melbourne [Florida] to Mesquite [Nevada].” We’ll see how CNN continues to characterize the incident.

As for Paddock, he said, “it just makes no sense. Like I said, it’s like an asteroid fell [from the sky].”

Very quickly after this interview, a CNN analyst said, “The access issue to weaponry in this country is now a national security issue.”