Souvenir shop workers on the Las Vegas Strip say sales saw a slump after the Route 91 Harvest shooting.

“Yesterday was like a zombie apocalypse,” says Citlali Garcia, who works as a sales associate at T-Shirts Plus 2 on Las Vegas Blvd. “There was, like, nobody outside.”

“Monday morning, I felt like I had to be nice to everyone because you never know what that one button is to push that person and just go crazy.”

A store less than a block away says sales started to pick up on Tuesday.

Yesterday was like a zombie apocalypse.

Garcia says this slump isn’t just a financial one. It’s emotional, too. Her souvenir shop didn’t close its doors the day after the shooting, but some stores on the strip did, in honor of the victims.

“We were all just pretty much scared to even come to work,” says Garcia. “We were all doubting to come to work. Should we even open? Is it even respectable to open our business after so many people died?”

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