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Twice failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton jumped at the opportunity this week to use the Las Vegas massacre as an excuse to push her anti-second amendment agenda.

Tuesday, U.S. House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz fought back — and what he said in a recent appearance on Fox News left even hardcore liberals speechless.

Appearing on “Fox News Tonight” Tuesday, Chaffetz opened his appearance with a challenge from host Brian Kilmeade. Chaffetz was asked if it was appropriate to politicize the horror in Las Vegas.

Just 0:19 seconds into the video, Chaffetz response was epic — and left many critics without a comeback.

“In the House of Representatives, we had two Democrats from Massachusetts that wouldn’t even join the rest of the body in taking a moment of silence to recognize the victims. That’s how disgusting this debate it already,” Chaffetz


That’s when Chaffetz turned his sights on the nasty comments from Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton is trying to be relevant? She’s not. Hillary Clinton wants to take away your guns? That’s not going to happen. What she’s trying to do is divide this nation by injecting herself in this story at this time is absolutely disgusting — when we still have people in the hospital fighting to save their lives!” Chaffetz said.

When asked if he’s surprised by Hillary’s nasty actions, Richard Goodstein, a Democratic political strategist, rushed to defend her statements. He asked, “When is a good time to have this debate?”


“The fact is, the NRA is calling the shots!” Goodstein later insisted.

That caused Chaffetz to go nuclear.

“They are not. Don’t lie like that! Don’t look in the camera and tell us…. Look, I’ve got five guns and nobody is taking my guns away. Nobody!” Chaffez fired back.

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“Don’t get out there and tell me the NRA pulls my strings and anybody else’s! If you have direct evidence, come up with it. But don’t say that it’s the cause of this.”

When asked about whether universal background checks would have stopped the killer, Kilmeade corrected the Democratic strategist and said there’s no evidence more regulation would’ve prevented this carnage – because there’s so much the public still doesn’t know.

“That’s one of the great mysteries here. To be this far away from it, 48-hours, and still not know the motive I think that is different than San Bernardino,” Chaffetz added. “We did have direct evidence pretty quickly and were very concerned about people coming into this country and not knowing their background – something I’m still concerned about to this day.”


“We don’t fully understand this story. Between the ATF, the FBI and local law enforcement I’m sure they have very direct theories they’re not sharing with the public – let them do their job.”

“Don’t prescribe a solution when you don’t know what the problem was,” Chaffetz concluded.

Liberals may be speechless… but that had us shouting, “Amen!”

You can see video of the exchange below.

Warning: If you’re a Hillary supporter, this will make you angry.