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Virgin Mary Statue Seen Crying After Mexican Earthquake Kills 343

Amando Flavio

Residents in the southern Mexican village of Cupilco in the state of Tabasco have made a bizarre claim that a Virgin Mary statue in their parish started crying and moved her hands after two successive earthquakes left 343 people dead in the country.

After reports of the weeping statue spread like wildfire, many believers rushed to the village to ascertain the veracity.

Candelaria Perez Jimenez, local politician who made the journey to the village to catch a glimpse of the statue, was quoted as saying:

“I do believe that the Virgin has done many miracles, I came not for curiosity, but for faith, because I do believe that God and our most holy Mother has done many miracles. Undoubtedly the Virgin hurts a lot with what has happened in Mexico: earthquakes, hurricanes, child deaths, God is calling us to make us aware.”

68-year-old Lucia Torres Jimenez also expressed her belief in the Virgin, stating that she returned to health from the power of the virgin, having spent 19 years with a kidney transplant: “She is feeling what is happening in Mexico, she is feeling what is going to happen.”

However, this is not the first time such a strange thing had been reported for three years. Parish priest Enrico Lazzaroni, an Italian who has served the community for 11 years, had asked parishioners to keep it quiet.

The earthquakes have left a huge burden on Mexico. The country’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, says preliminary accounting suggests damage from the magnitude 7.1 quake and an even more powerful one earlier in the month could cost upward of $2 billion.

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