It seems AntiFa groups won’t be happy until they slash and burn everything in sight. They’ve now decided on a new target: the American law enforcement community.

Not happy enough toppling Confederate statues or inciting riots on the University of California Berkeley campus, these left-wing extremists have turned their attention to police, saying they’re oppressors. (The same oppressors that just rushed in to save so many victims in this nation’s deadliest mass shooting in Las Vegas this week.)

AntiFa is short for anti-fascist. The group’s goal is to show a strong unified force against white supremacy and the evils of corporate America. For many who join, it gives them an identity they’ve been yearning for. Antifa is leaderless, and has its roots in communism and socialism, anarchy and anti-racism. Oh and violence too.

The movement gained momentum after Trump’s inauguration. Antifa has little pockets all over the country. One group is planning a “Deface Columbus Day” coming up on October 9.

Some antifa factions are very militant and very violent. A Philadelphia group plans to basically overthrow the government and boot Trump from office on November 4. Guess we all have those October and November dates to look forward to.

All the groups have a radical agenda. They strive to intimidate. Fox News reports that antifa are literally stalking and threatening conservative students on the Berkeley campus. Some are even armed with baseball bats. Members of the university’s College Republicans group told Fox News that antifa are “doxxing” them, meaning publishing personal information on Twitter.

Graffiti like “Kill all Republicans” graces the restrooms these students frequent. Student Naweed Tahmas says his conservative group is “routinely harassed, chased, punched, stalked and spat on.” Naweed says, “It has become socially acceptable in Berkeley to physically beat someone for being conservative.”

Another student, Ashton Whitty, says antifa pulverized her car with lead pipes. She was at an off-campus speech, and they followed her there. “I was informed that antifa members were on each block tracking me using their cell phones,” Whitty said.

Berkeley campus police are investigating, but as of yet have no evidence that the antifa thugs are actually Berkeley students.

So why are AntiFa groups not happy enough creating chaos at colleges? Why have they turned their attention to cops? It’s because their hero is convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal. You remember him. He’s the guy that murdered Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner three decades ago. To AntiFa, he’s inspirational. They claim Jamal started the civil war that has never ended. AntiFa has picked up the torch and they’re running with it, to be sure.

Because of Jamal, AntiFa have always had a supreme hatred for cops. Their slogan is A.C.A.B., standing for All Cops Are B*******. Their anti-police stance has become more visible and more heated, fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement. To AntiFa, all cops are one and the same with white supremacists.

As such, they say they can’t rely on the cops or the courts to do anything, so they’ve taken matters into their own hands. They say they’re coming to get your freedoms, because you don’t deserve them. They might take your property too, because they believe in “expropriating goods to begin the revolutionary process.” Wow.

They blame everything on white America, corporations and cops: the modern-day struggle against slavery, black neighborhoods demolished by drug use, the prison population, and pretty much all other ills of society.

AntiFa had a recent skirmish in Nashville, Tennessee, protesting the “killer cops” of the Fraternal Order of Police. Some antifa groups hold workshops on why the police force needs to be completely abolished. (Yeah, that would work well). They refer to police as “our enemies in blue.”

All of this is why many law enforcement experts like retired NYPD sergeant and criminal justice professor Joseph Giacalone classify antifa groups as domestic terrorists. Antifa says is “historical mission is clear. We must burn down the American plantation once and for all.” And cops are included in that razing.

Perhaps Matt Walsh of The Blaze characterized AntiFa best: “To answer racism or perceived racism by becoming racist is about the dumbest and most indefensible response possible. This applies to the racists on both sides of the fence.”

“Both feel they are justified in acting this way because people on the other side are acting this way. I am so tired of that demented, third grade logic that I could vomit. If you want to be the good guy, you need to be better. If you have no desire to be better, then you are just as rotten as whatever evil or perceived evil you purport to oppose.”