The official narrative behind the massacre that took place in Las Vegas is continuing to confuse and mislead the American public. Our trusted officials have failed to establish any clear motives or reason for an apparently “normal” guy with millions of dollars, planes, and a career as a gambler to suddenly snap and commit the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.

Sources across the internet have taken it upon themselves to track down any relevant information as it becomes clear to many that the proper authorities will likely never release the full information. Now the mainstream leftist group known as ANTIFA has claimed responsibility for the attack and called Paddock one of their comrades.

An ANTIFA branch sent out a tweet that claimed Paddock as one of their own and praised his actions for killing fascists. Although they quickly deleted the tweet, the internet never forgets. Their attempt to claim responsibility for the attack shows that they should be treated as dangerously as radical terrorists.

They have made their message clear that they will silence and physically attack any who oppose them which includes but is not limited to conservatives, patriots, libertarians, classical liberals, and those who love the Constitution.

ANTIFA has become a main stream militant branch of the Democratic party as their attempts to shame and silence those who speak against them turn violent. They began getting popular during the early days of the of 2016 election as they began to confront Trump supporters for voicing their opinions. As the days grew closer to the election and more and more people were openly supporting Trump, the tactics of ANTIFA grew more drastic and violent.

They are known to use their positions and organizational structure to intimidate and bait Trump supporters into violent encounters.

The Trump rallies are structured to be peaceful displays of patriotism and support for the President, because Americans are protected to do so under the Constitution, but ANTIFA took it upon themselves to disrupt and injure innocent Americans. If the shooter from Las Vegas is a member of ANTIFA than their status as an organization in this country needs to be at the center of national attention.

Unfortunately, the American people are just not being given enough information as to what happened and any underground connections that the suspected shooter had. The FBI was extremely quick to dismiss any Islamic connection since ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, and yet we are approaching a full year’s worth of investigation to find any Russian collusion evidence regarding the President.

This type of dismissal against any Islamic connection is what makes so many skeptical about any claims that Trump was helped by the Russians because how can our intelligence community establish that and not be able to clear the President of any wrong doing.

The intelligence community has not always had the interests of the American people in their motives. If this matter is so sensitive that officials can not disclose any information about the suspect’s underground connections then they just need to say that.

They should not just allow the main stream media to carry blatantly scripted narratives and debates about gun control and gun ownership in the United States. As more details come out, the less likely it seems that the intelligence community is going properly inform the American people as to what happened.

Other sources on the internet have claimed that there was ANTIFA literature found in the room the suspect was found dead in. If this proves to be true and the connection to the tweet sent out by ANTIFA would confirm that Americans are under attack from radical Marxist terrorists.

Despite literally hundreds of theories covering the internet involving undercover FBI agents as well as false flag attempts to change policy taking place, it is slowly becoming clear that the internet is going to have the best information regarding the newest details surrounding the Las Vegas massacre.

Although nothing significant is likely going to be verified by the intelligence community other than the official narrative that was produced initially, the fact that ANTIFA claimed Paddock is a huge step in finding out a motive.

If this man was radicalized by Marxist terrorists then our officials truly need to recognize the threat that radical leftists represent to our way of life.