Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Conservative Tribune – –  TASS – We Are The Mighty

Ever since Obama was still our leader, the U.S. has suffered Russian taunting as they buzz our warships and even send spy vessels to our shores, as the Conservative Daily Post has reported. While the left rages against Putin for helping Trump win the election (of which NO proof exists), the real danger from Russia is overlooked or blamed on Trump as if he did it.

The Conservative Tribune has informed us that things are only doomed to get tenser as “Russia has a new weapon in its armory, and it’s one that could bring a war right to American soil.” In other words, this tension is coming right to America’s doorstep at the worst possible time.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and those like her use every ounce of wind within their spitful lungs to curse all that President Trump does as they condemn Russia for what they didn’t do in relation to the Commander in Chief instead of what they are really doing by acting in threatening ways.

This new Russian threat is called the Steregushchy Class corvette and we are told that “it is a multi-purpose naval vessel originally designed for coastal defense.” That may be true, but it is not set to haunt Russian coasts, but rather, U.S. ones!

According to data published by Naval-Technology (dot com), these corvettes can be used for purposes of “coastal control, escort, and anti-submarine warfare operations.”

They also report that the Steregushchy Class weapons can “engage surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and targets on shore.” We are now talking about Russia deploying OFFENSIVE weapons to the United States.

As for packing heat, these beasts sport “anti-ship supersonic missiles, a 100mm gun, two AK-630s, and two twin 324mm torpedo tube mounts” which could make life quite miserable for all branches of the U.S. military who are charged with keeping the homeland safe.

Even more foreboding is the fact that Russia’s news outlet TASS has reported that stealth technology is also on board these war vessels, so the U.S. may not even detect that they are there. By the time that they do, a full-scale launch and attack could be in motion already.

Many sources are writing and basically warning the world and anyone willing to listen about this, too. We Are The Mighty reports that Russia’s Navy is planning to have at least 30 of the corvettes ready to be dispatched or used in “the Northern Fleet, the Baltic Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet, and the Pacific Fleet.”

These vessels are said to be “more heavily armed” than some of what the U.S. has already sailing and “the warship, which can support 100 personnel, is 343-feet long and can travel at up to 31 mph.” They also have the latest in “guided missiles” to “engage surface ships and submarines as well as provide shore bombardment support for amphibious assaults.”

This is not a conspiracy and it is not conjecture, but rather, these are facts. It is now obvious that Russia is using our divided nation against us and if we don’t wake up that fact, we shall have a lot more to worry about than a fake Putin hacking scandal.