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Here’s the tweet about Harvey Weinstein that Donna Brazile quietly deleted

 Carlos Garcia

Former Democrat National Committee Chairperson Donna Brazile was mocked on social media after she posted a tweet praising the firing of Harvey Weinstein over sexual harassment allegations.

What did the tweet say?

The tweet appeared to praise the Weinstein Company for firing Harvey Weinstein over the sexual harassment allegations that have rocked Hollywood.

It read, “The Weinstein Company has taken the lead against sexual harassment and assault,” and linked to a story about his firing.

Why did she delete it?

She offered more context in a tweet, saying, “They fired Harvey Weinstein for his despicable acts. So many others hide behind the curtains. He’s fired! That’s a good thing folks.”

She could have deleted the tweet after being soundly criticized on Twitter for what appeared to be praise for the company who hid Weinstein’s acts for so long and only fired him after he was exposed.

Here’s what the response was to the original tweet:

Why is this story important?

On it’s own, it’s not. But it is symbolic of the recriminations and doublespeak being used in order to move on from the great controversy engulfing Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and their Democratic counterparts. Weinstein donated and supported Democrat campaigns, and celebrities are now being excoriated for covering up his alleged sexual abuses for decades.

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