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Soros Placed $42 MILLION Bet Day Before Vegas Shooting As Profits SOAR

Sources: YouTube – Disobedient Media

We at Conservative Daily Post have often reported on the double-dealing, lying, manipulative, liberal George Soros. He has his hand, and more importantly his money, in way too many important happenings around the world to think he isn’t an influence.

This time, the trail of money leads from Soros to the sad Las Vegas shooting. It turns out that the billionaire placed a $42 million bet, in industry terms he bought ‘puts’, just before the shooting. He cashed in on MGM, the parent company of Mandalay Bay, failing and now his profits will soar.

Soros may be a huge player here but so is MGM CEO James Murren. He managed to offload 80% of his shares of the company. Why on earth would he do that unless he had reason to believe that something was about to occur?

The moves of Murren and Soros make even less sense when the details come to light. Before they did this, the board of MGM Resorts approved a $1 billion share repurchase program. It seems to be a complicated move but the end result is, the price of each share goes up.

An easier way to look at this: You decide you’d like to “flip” a low-income neighborhood. That means to buy something at an inexpensive price, fix it up, and then sell it for a profit. So you find a neighborhood, go in, and begin making changes. You get funding for schools and after-school activities cut. Then the crime rates begin to rise with all the bored teens roaming around. Then go ahead and raise funding for police and watch as people begin leaving the neighborhood. They get sick of crime, they get arrested, etc. Then you are free to buy up the neighborhood properties at a rock-bottom price. Then you turn the low-income housing into condos and sell them at a highly-inflated rate. Bingo, you just flipped a neighborhood.

So Murren and Soros knew the neighborhood (stocks) were about to be abandoned (plummet). Then they could buy them back at lower prices and make a huge profit. Conspiracy theory? Maybe but something sure isn’t adding up in this case.


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