The radicals on the far-left in modern American politics are beginning to attack their own supporters for not being radical enough. It has become clear that moderate and compassionate politics no longer have a place in America as the Democrats have made it clear that they there to resist and stop America from becoming great again. Now liberals like Al Gore are attacking even those who believe in global warming but have their own questions as the former Vice President calls anyone who questions the official climate change narrative “deniers.”

The term “denier” was not first used by Gore as it a popular term to describe those who deny that the holocaust happened. However, by comparing rational liberals to those who deny the holocaust happened is a drastic and unnecessary measure to take against people who for the most part support the work that Gore has done. These are the liberals that feel as though there is something wrong with the way we treat the earth but the way that governments handle it might not be the best way.

Far-left liberals like Gore are pushing more and more moderate and independent voters to conservative standpoints. Just because they are not radical enough to believe every word out their mouth does not make them climate change deniers. Many of them believe that climate change is real, just that the solutions presented by men like Gore might not be the best thing.

This type of logical and independent thinking is no longer welcome at the Democratic party because any type of questioning towards the group think narrative is forbidden and grounds for humiliation and dismissal.

It is not even just the fact that Gore was attacking his own supporters, but to compare people who are right to be skeptical about climate change to people who deny the holocaust is just not helpful. Liberals like Gore are taught to go to the extreme and humiliate anyone who challenges them and the best way to do that would be to group independently thinking individuals along with unhinged lunatics.

Not only is Gore insulting the holocaust by comparing it to climate change, but he is driving more and more moderates to the other side by refusing any policy debate and simply attacking those with good and honest questions.

When individuals are no longer allowed to have different opinions than those who represent them, it makes for a dangerous and hostile environment for new ideas and free thinking. This is not the environment that the founding fathers envisioned when they set out to create a government for the people and for all opinions to be expressed free from fears of political retribution.

Unfortunately, this case shows the American people a few things about liberals and those who carry out demagogic messages like the DNC. It shows that they are committed to their side with no hope of compromise or even compassion.

If one does not fully commit to their party group think then they are just as bad as people who deny the holocaust took place. That is the kind of rationale and extremism that could potentially lead to dangerous situations as those who support Gore could think that those who question climate change are basically Nazi’s who deserve to be attacked.

It also show that liberals are so committed to their false narratives and agendas that they can not be wrong. That means that no matter what evidence comes out or what happens in the future, their narrative will adjust and they will continue. The fact that it is hopeless for these individuals to come around on the left and admit their mistakes and moves forward means that they do not actually want what is best for the country, only themselves.

This is the kind of ideology that is worrisome to so many conservatives as they fear that those at the top are so overwhelmed with their lies and power that they will never see the light. I once hoped that a Democrat Senator would break ranks to confirm their party’s bias and make them suffer for it but that is not likely going to happen. It is incredibly troubling to see how radicalized the left has become in the country and how their own egos will prevent them from admitting the truth.

As long as voters continue to believe that Democrats are champions of people and that conservatives are basically Nazis, then the dream of two parties working together to reach a compromise is a dream of the past.