Join us on November 5th to send a message to the masses: Our worldwide revolution is at hand.

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November 5th marks the fifth-annual Million Mask March, taking place around the globe, in a city near you. If you are one of the many citizens of this world who oppose corporate greed, mass surveillance, the so-called “War on Terror,” and the various other injustices imposed by our corrupt governments, join us on November 5th.

The Million Mask March (MMM) has taken place every year since 2013, and as we do every year, we want to encourage citizens to be safe, and well equipped with cameras and video recorders. Undercover law enforcement agents and provocateurs have been known to frequent the march, and citizens are advised to stay alert.

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Protests are organized through Facebook events. To find a march near you:

  2. Scan the map for your location, and click on the corresponding city.
  3. You will find event page links on the left-panel.
  4. If you do not see an event for this year listed in your city, you can create an event yourself and email the link to:

CLICK HERE if you’re in need of a mask. We want to remind citizens that the Time Warner Company profits from every purchase of the official Guy Fawkes mask. The link we’ve provided here gives you alternatives to help you avoid supporting corporate interests.

We are also giving citizens free Guy Fawkes masks anonymously via Amazyble’s ‘Anonymous merchandise’ page. You pay only for shipping.

With each year, our numbers grow, and the Anonymous Movement gains in strength. We must once again stand together against those who call themselves the “elite.”

Join us on November 5th to send a message to the masses: Our worldwide revolution is at hand. Stand with the Anonymous Movement, and together in one voice let us remind our world-dictators that we do not forgive, and we do not forget. They should have expected us.