Sources: Breitbart NewsThe Gateway Pundit – The Conservative Daily Post

When Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks (or tweets), the world listens. Many of those on both sides of the aisle do more than listen; some of them shudder. That is because Assange is an honest man and he has proven that he will risk his life and give up his freedom in order to supply the world with the truth.

dfNot a thing has changed, something that the Gateway Pundit confirms by highlighting some of the Earth-moving tweets that the founder posted about Hillary Clinton. Over the weekend, he posted on his Twitter page a series of numbers that some said resembled encryption keys. There is even some indication that there was a conspiracy to attack the DNC as far back as 2010.

The strange tweet that was posted read “4767 5774 6a7a 4d6c 6330 666b 314a 3453 0000 0907 84b4 f787 7616 86f7 a737 5707 5736.” It was followed up by Assange attacking the former First Lady for supporting the hoax that Russia played a role in the outcome of last years presidential election.

The Pundit also observes that “several Obama officials, including Barack Obama, said Wikileaks and Russia had no direct ties” to any of the sources and issues that they are accused of having. This is a fact that is often overlooked by those opposed to Trump and his agenda.

From there, Assange mentioned “A cold creepiness rarely seen” in America’s would-be first-ever female president. Even that, however, was nothing compared to the bombshell that was to come.

Breitbart News chimed in and accurately said of Jullian Assange, “He’s right. Indeed, you can take his example further by imagining what would happen to, say, the DNC, if it suffered a massive Wikileak of secret data. Can you imagine the sort of things that Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod, and David Plouffe say outside public hearing?

It seems entirely possible that a leak of the contents of their e-mail for one month would be exceedingly damaging to them, possibly even career-ending,” the conservative newsgroup also wrote.

Evidence emerges of a conspiracy to take down the DNC as far back as 2010,” tweeted Assange as the hidden history of corruption becomes exposed to an even greater degree.

Some shall say that this is Wikileaks simply fighting the Democrats but that is not the case at all. The site was just as quick to condemn Mr. Trump over his tax returns as they were to attack Clinton over her scandals, as the Conservative Daily Post has revealed in the past. The truth is that there is simply so much more corruption coming from the left than the right that it appears that Assange is after one party over the other.

John Sexton of Breitbart News sums it up best. He feels that the whole purpose of Wikileaks is “to destroy authoritarian power structures across the globe.” Certainly, George W. Bush has felt this burn as a G.O.P. leader when he was in office.

With nothing to lose and Trump hiding from the issue of pardoning the media hero, Assange may hack the DNC, according to Sexton. If that were to happen, “Imagine the sensitive information then-Obama officials, such as Rahm Emanuel and David Alexrod, might say via email,” quipped the writer.

With Assange and his bravery, we may not have to imagine anything for very long. It will likely be a reality in not time at all, if in fact, those are his plans.