In an effort to stem the tide of pedophile crimes, a number of jurisdictions are conducting predator stings. The nets authorities have cast are reeling in some unsavory scumbags, like part time police officer Abraham Flores Galvan, of Georgia. This is the second time that an officer with this particular department has been arrested for a crime, but Galvan was busted trying to have sex with a child.

On Thursday last week, Galvan made the drive to Roswell to meet someone who claimed to be underage. SWAT officers from the Fulton County Police Department swarmed as Galvan arrived at the Woodstock Road shopping center.

Roswell police spokeswoman Lisa Holland explained that Galvan’s arrest is part of a larger, multi-agency operation that is designed to stop online child predators. The shocking part is that Galvan was one of their own.

Holland explained, “The goal of the operation was to arrest persons who use the internet to entice children for indecent purposes. During the operation, Abraham Flores Galvan initiated contact with an individual identifying themselves as being a child under the age of consent.”

She added that the investigation began after the part-time Tunnel Hill Police Department officer conducted a series of communications with the undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl.

He traveled to the shopping center to engage in sexual acts with a child, and has been formally changed with “Obscene Internet Contact with a child and Enticing a Child to Commit an Illegal Act.” The other officer who was arrested from the same department stole money, more than $37,000, from the evidence locker this year.

According to police, Galvan contacted the child, engaged in sexual communications with her and then arranged to meet her. The SWAT team was used because Galvan was an officer and armed. “We had, in place, our officers and the North Fulton SWAT team was here to quickly take him into custody without any issue,” Holland said.

This isn’t the first time an official charged with protecting innocent victims has been caught as the predator. In June this year, the Los Angeles Police Department began investigating stolen police cruisers by cadet minors. They originally thought that the kids were just taking advantage of “lax security” but soon realized that pedophilia was behind the string of crimes.

Officer Robert Cain, 31, at the 77th Street Division was discovered having an ongoing sexual relationship with one of the female cadets. But, Cain actually had sex with a total of seven cadets, ranging in age from 14 to 18. Apparently, he would allow the cadets to take out cruisers and pretend to be cops. A full investigation and internal audit of all cadet and youth programs is now underway.

In another shocking case in Australia, the Police were actually running a popular child pornography site on the darknet. An IT expert investigating for a Norwegian tabloid exploited a vulnerability in the website code and discovered the IP address. Apparently, the site’s Canadian administrator, known as WarHead, was arrested in Virginia after showing up to rape a four-year-old at the invitation of a forum user, so the Australian police had been running the site since then.

However, it was discovered that the U.S Department of Homeland Security had assisted the Queensland Argos Taskforce, which was trying to infiltrate and expose users on the website. “Argos reportedly took over the site and began impersonating WarHead, even posting abuse images until September 2017, when they quietly took the site down.” They are now distributing information on pedophiles around the world to local law enforcement.

As far as Glavan, he has lost his job and faces jail time for his sick actions. Varnell Police Chief Roy Brunson released a statement Friday afternoon saying, “Abraham Galvan is a part-time officer working limited hours. He is still under the initial probation period and due to the seriousness of the charges, will be immediately terminated.”