Great news comes out of Texas this week as the newly invigorated Border Patrol under President Trump continues to strengthen the nation’s borders. The number of arrests and individuals apprehended crossing the border in 2017 have been dramatic to say the least as Border Patrol agents are free to do their jobs. Now nearly $1,000,000 worth of methamphetamine has been seized by the authorities as drugs mules were trying to transport it into the United States.

The total weight of the drugs seized was around 50 pounds as the authorities found the drugs during a secondary inspection.  Senior agents told reporters that they are training their agents on the most advanced and up to date hiding techniques that drug mules and cartel members use. The agents took a special notice of the 22-year-old driver of the vehicle and motioned for the vehicle to be searched over a second and more efficient time.

The agents found all of the methamphetamine inside various liquid bottles that the mules attempted to hide the drugs in. This is an extremely clever and advanced tactic that is used by the drug cartels to ensure that their cargo makes it into the United States.  There has been many advances in terms of the ways that agents are trying to find the hiding locations that drug mules use but it is an ever-changing environment that keeps Border Patrol agents guessing.

Liberals in modern America would have everyone believe that drugs do not cross the border between the United States and Mexico and they would go even further by saying that it would be impossible to stop. This kind of narrative was used during the campaign to discourage any conservatives from speaking out against the problem that a porous represents. The very fact of the matter is that it has been proven by a number of other states that walls work to secure the border and drug busts like these are exactly the reason why.

Nations like Hungary and Israel are large proponents of border walls because they have seen a serious reduction in the number of illegal crossings since putting theirs up. Hungary has used their wall to curb any Muslim migrants from trying to go around their laws and sneak into Hungary rather than wait through the immigration process.

Israel has a more prominent threat on their hands as jihadists swarm around their nation and look to cause havoc from within so their wall near the Gaza strip has stopped any would be martyrs from trying to sneak into the country illegally.

Those walls work to stop illegal immigration and unwelcome guests from smuggling dangerous goods across borders and that is why the United States need a wall as well.

If there were no more open field or barren plains for drug mules to use then they would all be forced to have their vehicles searched at checkpoints. There are truly dangerous and corrupt individuals within every society and it is time that Americans recognize that kind of people that transport goods or humans across the border are not good people.

The coyotes and mules that transport drugs and people to the United States from Mexico use their positions of power to extort and cause harm to those who need them. This mainly applies to coyotes as they are the ones who often extort their clients for sex or more money before continuing their journey into the United States.

If there was no longer an option for those seeking refuge in the United States to have to use these less than reputable individuals to cross the border because there is a wall to stop them then these people would be safer than trying to negotiate and deal with these criminals.

The new Border Patrol under President Trump has been freed of the shackles that the Obama administration placed on them. No longer will they be forced to stand aside as illegals cross the border and commit a crime and the get a federal pardon because they are “misunderstood.” These are criminals that operate within criminal organizations and criminal organizations get along great with other organized crime syndicates like the ones that Democrats like to use to intimidate and threaten their opponents.

This drug bust was amazing but a drop in the bucket that could be seized and stopped before it reaches the United States.