Sources: Teddy StickBreitbart News – VarietyThe Washington Post


When Teddy Stick reported that the ratings for Megyn Kelly were at an all-time low, few were even somewhat surprised. Other than attacking Trump, she has not been known for anything tangible except as the person who Putin destroyed with common sense in an interview. Well, things have gotten even worse.

Breitbart News shows us that Kelly and guest Hoda Kotb have decided to try dancing and acting silly in order to bring in a few more viewers.

The whole segment looked more like an Ellen episode than anything Kelly has done. While Ellen is hardly real news, she is at least good at what she does. Kelly, trying to mimic her? Not so much.

The attempt was more than that, however.

It was a sign of one of two things. Either Kelly is trying to do anything in order to get someone (ANYONE) to tune in or she simply sees the writing on the wall and is having a blast until the ship goes down. Considering how out of place she looked doing it, one can guess the former.

It looked so forced and cringe-worthy that Buzzfeed’s Kate Aurthur said that she had “never been so embarrassed” in a recent tweet on the matter.

Her ratings aren’t even close to those of her predecessors, Tamron Hall and Al Roker, compared to their show during the same time-slot last year. During her debut week, Kelly’s show was down 12 percent in total viewership from that time slot last year,” wrote the Washington Post’s Travis Andrews in a viewership report.

The second week brought in 24 percent fewer viewers, and the third week saw a 23 percent smaller audience” Variety quotes Nielson as saying.

Things have already gone from bad to worse for Megyn Kelly. At this point, we are just waiting to see what comes after “worse.”