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ABC & NBC Maintain Clinton-Uranium Blackout, CBS Reports 5 Days Late

(News Busters) During Sunday’s Face the Nation, Moderator John Dickerson became the first member of the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to crack the broadcast TV blackout of the Hillary Clinton-Uranium scandal.

But his mention of the story came five days after The Hill first exposed how the FBI was investigating Russian bribery of public officials to purchase the radioactive substance. And [this] segment brought their total coverage time of the scandal to a whopping 69 seconds.

Dickerson brought up the Clinton-Uranium scandal during an interview with Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford…

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You’re looking into the Russian influence in the election, there have been reports this week about Russian efforts to try to influence the Obama administration and try to influence perhaps Hillary Clinton through donations to the Clinton Foundation with respect to the purchase of uranium.

Is that something that the intelligence committee should look at, that you’re interested in looking at?

Senator Lankford was quite candid in his response to Dickerson, explaining:

“So, we have the report that we have now, but that is an unsettled issue that something that the FBI has pursued for now a decade to try to determine what influence was done.”

“As you know there are several Russians that have been arrested for this, or have been charged on these crimes of trying to be able to influence the purchase of — in the deal on uranium with the Obama administration through the Clinton Foundation,” he added…

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