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In a victory for child predators, the Simi Valley City Council decided to overturn a law last week that prevented convicted pedophiles from engaging with trick or treaters. City leaders claimed that such a law, which has been in effect for five years, would be liable to a lawsuit.

They feared the city would lose money over one that was filed on September 18. Apparently, some real life monster was mad because the law indicated that the person was a child rapist.

The measure originally required that all registered sex offenders could not answer their doors to children on Halloween, not decorate their houses, and must keep their porch light turned off during the candy begging tradition.

Many parents were very happy with the law that kept their children from the immediate vicinity of a sexual predator, but in California, even monstrous perverts are guarded from public shame.

The move indicates that in Simi Valley, child rapists and other fiends are safe to mingle among normal people. They can smile at someone’s child and think their sick thoughts and try to befriend more potential victims. How is that right?

There is now no protection for the city’s children. Pedophiles can dress up like whatever they want and mingle with as many kids as they want.

Apparently, the law has been struck down in a number of cities across the state. In California, the civil rights of a monster rank higher than children safety.

Parents have said that they will be much more vigilant next week during the festivities. “People are very angry over some of these acts that these type of people have committed,” said Chelsea Watson of Simi Valley.

They should be angry. These people should not be allowed into civilized society because they cannot function correctly. Something within them is wrong, but leftist groups and others from organizations like NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) use powerful lobbying to promote their particular pedophilic perversion.

One liberal citizen said, “I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that my son was trick-or-treating at a sex offender’s house. However I think we need to think of the ramifications of making that person visible to the community.”

Why should the monster’s problem with being “visible” to the neighborhood as a sexual predator matter to anyone? It’s his or her fault that the predicament has occurred and the community should be aware of such people living next door.

The sick move is just another reason why California is slowly becoming a land wholly alien to the rest of the United States. Hopefully, no child will be singled out as the next victim by some pedophile walking the streets on October 31.