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The attempts to discredit and attack the sitting President of the United States has certainly grown into a troublesome and trivial matter. One of the most famous attempts to discredit Trump was when a phony “golden shower” dossier was produced by politicians and intelligence officials who thought they had the key to Trump’s demise.

Despite the grotesque contents of the dossier and the fact that it was proved to be false, there are many questions that still remain about this dossier that was sought after in order to discredit the President. Now the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the U.S. House of Representatives has filed a motion to force the bank of Fusion GPS, the firm that produced the dossier, to disclose who paid for the dossier.

The Democrats and traitorous Republicans have been working relentlessly to attack and somehow delegitimize Donald Trump for his actions taken to help the American people who voted him in. They have done this almost minute of every day since Trump announced his plans to build a wall on the southern border because he represented something the elitists in Washington D.C. could not control. These attacks on the President has only resulted in more and more Americans becoming aware of the group think narrative that has begun to plague the Democratic Party and American politics in general.

The attempt to tell the American people that Trump booked a hotel room in Russia where Barack and Michelle Obama stayed and had Russian prostitutes urinate on the beds the former First Couple slept in crashed and burned almost as soon as it was produced. Now it has become a matter of finding out the extent of which there was a conspiracy against the President of the United States and who was involved.

It has come out that Republican Senator and Trump enemy John McCain (R-AZ) played a role in producing the dossier as it was his party that he was losing control of. Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) are some of the most dangerous enemies that Trump has because they are really Democrats pretending to be Republicans in order to split the party on key issues. McCain’s involvement in a conspiracy to unseat the President should prove detrimental to the traitors career and so the truth must be found out.

The firm that was hired to acquire and produce the dossier detailing Trump’s involvement with Russian prostitutes was a DNC affiliate known as Fusion GPS. Those in charge of the firm include a retired and currently disgraced spy of the United Kingdom and several others whose work at Fusion GPS make them prime suspects. A subpoena was produced by the committee to force the bank of Fusion GPS to disclose the financial information surrounding payments made to Fusion but Fusion’s attorney filed a counter-motion to stop the bank from complying.

However, the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence was not satisfied with the motion filed by Fusion to stop the bank from complying so Thomas Hungar of the Office of General Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives to file a motion to force the bank to comply. The motion was filed extremely early on Saturday as a means to get the last minute approval needed to figure out key information about the dossier.

The committee really wants information about the dossier because it represents a grave threat the Republic as we know it. The dossier represents bi-partisan attempts to seek damaging information about the President as well as an organized conspiracy surrounding intelligence and legal officials to threaten the very existence of what makes our nation unique, our peaceful transition of power. The committee wants to find out who financed the dossier as well as who stood to gain from it and whether or not the unverified information in the dossier was used a means to get a FISA warrant to spy on a US citizen.

The last part is the most important as it suggests that perhaps intelligence officials and politicians used the dossier as a means to use US property to monitor anyone involved, namely Donald Trump and his associates. This means that what happened during the Watergate scandal could be amplified ten fold as sitting politicians and intelligence officers tried to use their power to spy on political opponents based off of false information. The truth will come out.