A new poll from Military Times aims to gauge the support for President Trump and his agenda among the different branches of the military.

 The different branches of the military

The poll showed the greatest support for Trump and his agenda is among U.S. Marines, while the least support is from the U.S. Air Force.

The differences were stark – more than a 20 percent difference in favorability between the two branches, while there’s a 28 percent chasm in unfavorable ratings.

Enlisted versus officers

The poll found that enlisted military members favored Trump much more than the class of officers.

More than half of officers, 53.4 percent, had an unfavorable view of Trump, while nearly half of enlisted members, 47.3 percent, had a favorable view of the president.

[Military Times poll screenshot]

Majority sees a threat from white nationalism

The poll found that 30.3 percent of military members found the threat from white nationalism to be a great one, while 21.4 percent found it to be a moderate threat. Taken together, nearly 52 percent of those polled thought white nationalism was a threat.

[Military Times poll screenshot]

Transgender troops

President Trump indicated that he believed a transgender ban in the military would help military readiness, and a majority of service members agreed with him

[Military Times poll screenshot]

On the threat from Russia

However, military members seemed to part with the president in considering the threat coming from Russia, of which Trump has often been dismissive.

[Military Times poll screenshot]

The poll shows that Trump has a higher favorability rating among military troops than among the public, but one still below 50%.

The poll was conducted from 1,100 active-duty troops in September.

Why is this important?

Polls show that Americans have lost most of their faith in our national institutions, but the military is one which still holds a very high favorability rating.