Illegal entry caught on camera amid border wall hit piece

A group of illegal aliens crossed into the US from Mexico as MSNBC filmed construction of border wall prototypes.



In footage aired Monday shot outside of San Diego near Tijuana, Mexico, a news crew witnessed border patrol agents respond to three so-called “asylum seekers” who had just scaled the current wall.

“A small group of three people just jumped over in the middle of the day,” notes MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff. “So can you explain to me what’s going on?”

“This is the reality of everyday border enforcement,” a Customs and Border Patrol agent tells Soboroff. “The United States is still the ultimate draw for people that may have dire situations where they’re at. It plays out on a regular basis for us.”

The footage comes as eight border wall prototypes from six different companies near completion in Southern California, four constructed of concrete and four built from other materials.

October 26 marks the final day for the construction projects, after which a model will be selected according to aesthetics, design and overall effectiveness in preventing illegal crossings.

The agent indicates the next step will be to test the designs for vulnerabilities.

“We are going to test it for breachability, the subterranean aspect, can we dig under it, can we cut through it? Can we scale over it?” the agent states, ultimately concluding the wall would undoubtedly stymie illegal entries.

“Can we do our jobs better? Absolutely, and I think these walls are going to contribute to that,” the CBP agent admits.

The incident is reminiscent of 2015 footage captured by Infowars while reporting from Laredo in anticipation of a visit by then-candidate Donald Trump, in which numerous illegal aliens were caught smuggling drugs into the US from Mexico.