(Breitbart) With the establishment media reeling from yet-another disastrous week of fake news debacles — herehereherehere, and most especially here — a bubbling sexual harassment scandal, and the fact that they are fooling no one in their ongoing cover-up of the real Russian collusion scandal, President Trump set his Twitter feed on “humiliate” Sunday morning  with the news that a plurality of Americans, a full 46 percent, now believe the media fabricate stories to damage him.

An in-depth Breitbart News fact check of Trump’s tweet reveals that the president’s claim is 100 percent accurate. If common sense does not tell you that, there is this also last week’s poll from the leftwing Politico.

Our  fact check also revealed that the president chose not to tweet the worst news for America’s corrupt media — the fact that only 37 percent do NOT believe the media fabricate stories to damage Trump.

Imagine how damaged the media must be, imagine how little moral authority the media have, when only 37 percent of Americans do NOT believe the media just make stuff up to damage Trump.

The internal numbers are even worse. Only 65 percent of Democrats believe the media do NOT fabricate these stories, while only 31 percent of Independents believe they do NOT…

Even the leftwing Washington Post — a news outlet almost as guilty as CNN of fabricating fake news against Trump — has been forced to concede that “Trump’s already largely won his war against the media…”

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