ABC didn’t find the story especially newsworthy

Kristine Marsh | Newsbusters


While CBS spent 2 minutes and 27 seconds reporting on the story, and NBC spent 3 minutes and 55 seconds on it, ABC didn’t find the story especially newsworthy, devoting just 31 seconds to the topic, at the end of another report:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Meantime on another front, We also learned yesterday that the DNC actually paid for some of that research that went into that dossier that’s become so infamous after of course some Republicans paid to fund it during the primaries against Trump.

JON KARL: We learned through an intermediary the Clinton campaign paid for the research that became the dossier and the democratic party. What we don’t know is who the Republican was and to me that’s one of the great mysteries. It started with a Republican foe of Donald Trump.

ROBIN ROBERTS: Have no idea.

KARL: Have no idea. We can guess. We have no idea.

That added up to just 31 seconds of coverage from the network this morning. Yet when the shoe was on the other foot, and it was revealed that President Trump’s son Don Jr. had e-mailed and met with a Russian lawyer to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton during the campaign, ABC was more than eager to report on it, spending 60% of its newscast and over ten minutes on the topic the day it broke.

The other two broadcast networks spent endless time covering the Don Jr. meeting as well. A NewsBusters study found that all three networks spent over an hour talking about the Trump meeting, devoting 62 minutes and 18 seconds to the Don Jr. story.

Yet the media’s fascination with Russian collusion doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to Democrats. In 2015, the media all but ignored when the Clinton’s Russia-Uranium scandal, after it first broke, (before the recent revelations to that story.) The nets spent just 3 minutes and 1 second to the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton working with foreign agents. That’s 20x less coverage than the Trump Jr. meeting.

Again, as more details broke about that Clinton-Uranium scandal, the nets initially refused to report on it, waiting 8 days to cover the story before ABC broke it in just a 20-second brief on Tuesday night’s ABC’s World News Tonight broadcast.

These numbers prove the blatant double standard from the media on how they report Trump vs. Clinton scandals, particularly on working with foreign agents. The media only seemed to care about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election if Trump was somehow to blame. But when actual collusion between Clinton and Russia was revealed, in more than one instance, it’s brushed under the rug or treated as just another story.