Obama’s former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes will testify before the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee today. He has been identified as a “person of interest” in the unmasking scandal that has slowly helped uncover the truth about the rampant corruption that occurred during the Obama reign.

In fact, many people wonder if the “unmasking” of Trump campaign officials had any correlation to the fraudulent dossier created by DNC and Clinton funded Fusion GPS. Is it possible that Obama minions “unmasked” these people for making up lies about the presidential campaign? Given the current amount of information this is known, It’s entirely plausible. They most likely used their positions to acquire information for one presidential candidate and against another.

The unmasking scandal basically involved top Obama officials spying into the activity of a presidential candidate’s associates. Many people believe that despite the constant fake news that Hillary was leading the polls, insiders knew good and well that she was tanking to Trump. Comparing images of his campaign rallies with the meager few who attended hers, it’s amazing that they continued to project her as the winner even hours before the election.

They knew that Trump wouldn’t play ball with the corruption in Washington. Hillary was supposed to win. She was supposed to be in a position to continue the destruction of liberty, but President Trump seriously scared them, which resulted in the unmaskings.

Rhodes, Susan Rice and Samantha Power were all involved in the abuse of power, which may have criminal implications. The House committee is trying to discover proof of the intent. John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director was also involved in the large scale initiative that was used to smear the president.

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova previously told reporters that Rice and Rhodes created “spread sheets” on the massive number of Trump aides they were unmasking. Although Rice lied and said publically that she didn’t make the lists, in private testimony she admitted to unmasking Trump associates.

In fact, it seems like almost every Obama department and member of his administration is under some sort of investigation by congress. The shocking conduct of Secretary of State Clinton, the FBI cover-up, the fraudulent dossier, and even more unrevealed atrocities mean that these investigations will continue.

It’s interesting to note that some members of congress hinted at the scandal months ago while the leftist media was still harping about the now debunked dossier. David Nunes reported on the conduct in March, but democrats denied the allegations and attacked his findings. However, once Adam Schiff reviewed the documents, the verbal complaints suddenly ceased.

Rhodes is the Obama sycophant who misled White House reporters about the content of the Iran deal. He later joked about how easy it was to trick them.

News flash, Rhodes, the liberal media will report whatever they are told by democrats. Earlier this year, the Times, Post, and and number of networks were exposed killing the Hillary email server scandal.

The corruption that has occurred over the past eight years is just beginning to be uncovered. Honestly, liberals in Washington never expected a new administration would be elected. They thought for certain that another near decade of unfettered illegal activity would be ushered in under Clinton.

No way that they expected their cheating to fail. Donald Trump was elected by the mercy of Providence and the information that has been released since his election is the direct result of ousting those democrats.

Too many corruption, bribery, and other indictments surround these liberal politicians and it is time that the evidence result in additional arrests. It is time that Hillary and her ilk go to jail, No passing go, no collecting anymore millions of dollars. Hopefully, these investigations are actually leading to that satisfying conclusion.