Earlier this week, a masked man tried robbing a bank in Pennsylvania. Upon entering the bank, however, a heroic customer, who was later identified as 63-year-old Robert Sakosky, attacked the would-be robber and threw him to the ground, thwarting his attempt and unmasking him in the process. Defeated, the unmasked man fled the building, where he was promptly arrested by responding officers who were quick to arrive to the scene. Shockingly, the whole incident was caught on video by a security camera.

At the start of the video, Sakosky, who works as a general manager of the Carbondale Grand Hotel, can be seen casually walking into the Honesdale National Bank near Montdale, Pennsylvania. Moments later, a masked man wearing all black stormed into the building, pulled out a handgun, and proceeded to rob the bank of its money.

Thinking quickly, Sakosky charged at the man, who had begun collecting money in a duffel bag, and tackled him to the floor. Once on the ground, the two engaged in a brief struggle, during which, the attempted robber was disarmed.

After losing his gun, the masked man tried to get up off the ground and flee the scene. Sakosky, however, wasn’t going to let him get away with the money. Determined to stop the criminal from escaping with the cash, he channeled his inner John Cena and body slammed him to the floor. He then grabbed ahold of the bag of money and threw it across the room. Before getting up, he also ripped off his mask to expose his true identity.

Robert Sakosky, a 63-year-old hotel manager, body slamming a masked criminal trying to rob the bank he was in.

Sakosky then stood up and grabbed the bag of money off of the floor to return to the banker while the failed criminal ran out of the building without his gun, mask, or bag of money. Shortly after running out of the building, an unmarked police car can be seen rushing up behind the fleeing criminal.

According to reports, the officers then chased down the suspect, who police identified as John Ryall, and promptly arrested him. He’s currently facing a number of charges, including “robbery and making terroristic threats.”

Unsurprisingly, Sakosky’s bravery was praised by local residents. “He is exceptionally brave to have done that,” noted Donna Shaw, a local resident, while speaking with reporters. “I certainly would not have encountered anyone with a gun. I wouldn’t have tried to do it,” she added.

“To be honest, it’s good to see a Samaritan actually take down someone who’s doing a robbery over there. It’s actually nice to know that we have a community that’s going to help out,” reasoned Nick Olmstead, another local resident.

Members of Sakosky’s staff were also shocked by his actions. “He’s definitely a hero. But he’s just a normal guy. He’s personable. He’s a good boss. He never gets angry. I’m honestly surprised he did it!” mentioned Wade Nordahl, one of his employees.

Fortunately, it’s not entirely uncommon for a good Samaritan to stop a crime in progress. For example, earlier this year, a man with a concealed weapon recently saved countless lives at a restaurant in Texas by killing a deranged criminal who stormed in and murdered the restaurant’s manager.

Specifically, James Jones, 48, stormed into a Texas sports bar armed with a firearm and started shouting strange, incoherent statements. When the establishment’s manager, Cesar Perez, tried to de-escalate the situation, Jones killed him. Fortunately, Jones was not the only person armed with a gun. One of the patrons, who had a concealed handgun, pulled out his weapon and opened fire, shooting the crazed man to death before he could harm anyone else.

After the threat was eliminated, the police were called. When they arrived at the scene, they searched Jones’ dead body and discovered that he was armed with an additional firearm and two knives.  It’s not clear yet whether or not Jones had any mental issues or was on any drugs.

Zona Caliente, the sports bar attacked by James Jones.

Chris Cook, the Arlington Police Chief, claimed that if he wasn’t stopped, Jones “definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business.” When asked about the person who saved the day, he told reporters that “[he] decided to engage the shooter because he wanted to prevent further loss of life.” Since he has a license to carry a concealed firearm and was obviously acting in self-defense, he won’t be facing any charges.

Without a doubt, those who risk their lives to stop crime or save others are extremely honorable people. Hopefully, their courage inspires others to do the same when faced with a similar situation.