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Guard Shot in Las Vegas Massacre Sequestered for Free in Undisclosed MGM Hotel

(Fox News) Jesus Campos, the hotel security guard who was wounded during the Las Vegas massacre, is staying for free at an undisclosed hotel owned by MGM Resorts International, according to the company.

The arrangement has led to speculation that MGM wants to prevent the media from questioning Campos about the Oct. 1 massacre, in which a gunman opened fire from a hotel owned by the company.

Campos, who was shot in a leg during the rampage that killed 58 people and injured more than 500, is on paid leave while he recovers.

“I really think it’s about not allowing reporters and lawyers and investigators to get to him,” said attorney Mo Aziz, who represents one of the Las Vegas shooting victims.

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“I think they want to make sure he doesn’t make any statement that could really become problematic. And the reason they put him up on their property is so that they’ll know at all times where he is and who’s talking with him.”

Campos’ whereabouts have been mostly uncertain ever since he abruptly canceled several media interviews shortly after his release from the hospital, including one interview scheduled for Oct. 5 with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

The 25-year old security guard surfaced briefly for a daytime television interivew with entertainer Ellen DeGeneres that aired Oct. 11, amid reports that MGM wanted to keep Campos from having to field tougher questions from journalists…

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