(News Busters) Saturday’s AM Joy on MSNBC displayed the latest example of the liberal news network’s eagerness to bring the kind of Republicans onto their shows who will trash other Republicans.



While appearing as a guest to promote his book, The Truth Matters, former George H.W. Bush Treasury official Bruce Bartlett actually asserted that “virtually all racists belong to the Republican party today,” and made a Nazi reference to Josef Goebbels as he attacked the right-wing media for supposedly misinforming conservatives.

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Host Joy Reid seemed oblivious to her own news network’s liberal bubble that generally excludes the kind if Republican analysts who preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton as she fretted over the “conservative news bubble” and what can be done to help consumers of news who are trapped inside it:

You do also talk about the fact that there are two silos of information — the conservative silo where they’re getting their media from one place, and then everyone else getting their media from another. So how can people sort of protect themselves if they’re inside that conservative news bubble?

Bartlett bemoaned that conservatives are not interested in being saved by the more liberal media as he responded:

I don’t think they want to be protected unfortunately…And if they’re looking on the internet, they’re reading the Drudge Report or Breitbart in a closed loop where they never hear many facts.

He then got to the Nazi comparisons as he added…

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