The narrative being told to the American people about the events that took place almost a month ago in Las Vegas is continuing to be proven as false and misleading. The events that took place on that fateful night are confusing to say the least but the fact of the matter consists solely on the basis that American Intelligence Agencies are lying to the American people. Now, a recording of the air traffic control from the Las Vegas Airport reveals that there were shooters on the runways, clearly going against the lone wolf gunman narrative being spewed by establishment politicians and their cronies in the media.

The official narrative that came out on the night of the brutal attacks in Las Vegas consisted of a random lone wolf gunman opening fire from a hotel room and killing almost 60 people and injuring hundreds.

It was quickly established from law enforcement and then pushed by the biggest media outlets that it was a guy who just snapped and used his Second Amendment right to slaughter dozens of other Americans, thus triggering a media frenzy consisting of gun control debate for the next week until the next big thing happened. There are so many questions that the American people deserve to know the answers to and yet apparently the right to understand atrocities is not a protected right.

The law enforcement officials were quick to jump on the scene and explain that this was just at regular old lone wolf extremist but the situation puts that narrative to test almost immediately. Paddock, the suspect, was a 64 year old man and authorities expected everyone to believe that this man near retirement age was capable of firing thousands of rounds with multiple guns at a distance of a few hundred meters, in the dark. The room they found Paddock in also contained enough weaponry to attack an American police station, and yet Paddock acted alone?

ISIS was extremely quick to claim responsibility for the attack but the Federal Bureau of Investigations quickly squashed that claim by simply saying no. Authorities were desperate to spread the word that an old white gun carried out gun related crime, thus triggering the liberal media in to an irritatingly staged gun control debate. This new air traffic recording that says there were shooters on the runway now puts into perspective that there were many shooters with a mission.

One thing that should stick out to everyone who is trying to follow this event is the fact that there has been almost zero evidence of Paddock being alone in the hotel and casino. Las Vegas is one of the most watched cities in the world and it is almost laughable to suggest that Paddock was not on camera either checking in or bringing some luggage into his room. If the intelligence agencies responsible for telling the American people the truth about what happened in Las Vegas cared about finding the truth then footage of Paddock checking in by himself and getting all of his bags delivered would have been released from day one.

This new information is truly terrifying as it suggests that there was a tremendous effort by a group of individuals to do as much damage to Americans as possible that night in Las Vegas. Reports from eye-witnesses and victim were pouring out that there were definitely multiple shooters and yet these witnesses are suddenly crashing their cars. The narrative around Las Vegas stinks and it is time for the elected representatives of the people of the United States to think the unthinkable and go after the truth.

Problem after problem has arisen as a result of the narrative from Las Vegas. The shooter was a multi-millionaire professional gambler with planes and $100k transfers to the Philippines but he decided to go on a murderous spree. He apparently acted alone but wanted 23 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition but wore weird casual loafers instead of combat boots? Now there’s evidence that shows the authorities knew about multiple shooters because even the air traffic controllers knew there were shooters on the runway.

The American people are being blatantly lied to and yet we as supposed to believe that these same intelligence agencies work to protect the American people? It seems more possible that they have been reduced to work to protect criminals FROM the American people.