Sources: The Daily StarThe Conservative Daily Post

The main concern as the North Korean crisis escalates is how Russia and China will respond when America needs to act. It is reaching a point where “need” is the appropriate word, too. Sadly, the news from the Daily Star tells us that Russia is going to side with evil over good, just as Putin has been doing by standing with Iran.

Two F/A-18 fighter jets scrambled to escort the Russian TU-95 bombers away from the warship on Sunday,” the Star writes. Russia has a history of buzzing our planes and disrespecting our waters, so this action seems to be a continuation of that dishonor. This was a devastating order from the Russian leadership that should never have been issued.

While Russia fumes about NATO sitting on their border in order to fight terror, Putin seems to have a problem with the U.S. wanting to prepare for promised North Korean aggression. Two nuclear-capable “Bears” were halted “just 80 miles away from the vessel, the USS Ronald Reagan,” the same vessel that was radioactively poisoned in Japan.

Due to the Hermit Kingdom’s constant boasting, bragging, and testing, President Donald Trump dispatched the USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Nimitz to the area. This is to be expected since he plans the visit the region only next week.

U.S. officials have called the interception of the Russian planes “safe and professional,” yet it can not be overlooked that this was a provocation that was unwarranted.

Russian strutting could easily lead to an escalation and this is something Putin fully understands but refuses to accept as fact.

America had caught their former Cold War nemesis in June conducting belligerent and threatening flight patterns and in that case, their actions were considered “unsafe” by officials.

Their jets were even said to be flying “erratically” as they conducted their hazardous flight maneuvers. One miscalculation under such circumstances could see a great number of dreadful outcomes, any of which could lead to World War Three.

If this is the way that Russia plans to act as America confronts a crazed regime that has promised to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons, then perhaps things have already gotten much, much worse than anyone had feared.