As the days of the Trump Presidency continue on with success in the form of economic victories, the political victories are pouring in as well. Donald Trump has been proven time and time again that the corruption taking place in Washington D.C. was as dangerous as it was treasonous. As the Democrats maliciously scramble to appoint a narrative that paints the Republicans as treasonous monsters who worked to undermine the integrity of the U.S. election, the projection is unreal.  Now that the Uranium One story is finally gaining traction, it seems that the Democrats and Obama Administration lied yet again as the official story that stated that the uranium involved in the deal could not be exported was not true as recent findings say otherwise.

The American people were told time and time again not worry about the strange deal that the Obama administration managed to pull off as Obama and his State Department under Hillary Clinton worked tirelessly to sell close to 20% of the uranium reserves to a Russian government owned firm. We were told that because the firms associated with deal were not able to acquire a certain type of license that was required to export uranium. However it has been found that the uranium sold in the deal was transported from a logistical firm in Kentucky to Canada, where it was later shipped to Europe and likely into Russia from there.

This is exactly the same magnitude of lie that the Obama administration told that told the American people that they would be able to keep their doctor in the new Obamacare plan. This type of misinformation is as evil as it reckless. The Obama Administration was so concerned with the public relations image and keeping the public eye away from their dealings that they just blatantly lied to the American people time and time again.

It is bad enough that a firm associated with the Kremlin was able to get such a vast amount of U.S. uranium reserves but then to have the former administration repeatedly lie about the findings that have been proven to be true. Democrats and corrupt Republicans will truly do anything to get a point across as they blatantly lied to the American people. The swamp that has been living in Washington D.C. for years grew so powerful that they actually thought they could claim that the uranium could not be exported because of a lack of license.

They said with such confidence and assurance that they actually convinced people that because a firm doesn’t have a certain piece of paper or bureaucratic filing, then the criminals in charge of the deal wouldn’t be able to export the uranium. This is like saying that because a criminal does not own the paperwork to own a gun then he simply will not ever be able to acquire one. A foolish and ridiculous thought process to have, especially for law enforcement and authority figures to have.

So as the Obama administration lied to the American yet again, it begs to question what else has the “most transparent presidency” been keeping from the American people? How bad and one sided was the Iran deal that Obama made with a hostile and threatening nation? If he was able to so calmly lie about selling uranium to Russians and it not being able to exported, then how can redemption be found in the answers he provided during his administration?

It in incredibly troubling to learn that the former administration did everything in their power to enrich themselves and harm America in the process. Their relentless work to the keep the American tax payer enslaved to the monstrosity that has become Obamacare should be the largest concern as even with the opposing party in full control of the government, the American people are still stuck with it. The Obama administration was undoubtedly the most scandal ridden and corrupt administration in history.

As the days continue on with breaking news stories surrounding Russian involvement with our Uranium and their involvement in colluding with the DNC, it is certainly exciting to say the least. Day after day we are rewarded with news that main stream media will be forced to cover as top Democrats, lobbyists, and donor are having their dirty laundry aired for the American people to see.