Let that sink in

| Infowars.com

In an article defending Antifa, Newsweek suggests that it’s perfectly acceptable to “joke” about beheading white people.

Michael Edison Heyden writes about a Twitter user and VICE writer named @KrangTNelson who tweeted, “Can’t wait for November 4th when millions of antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents and small business owners in the town square.”

Heyden downplays the threat as a “joke” that was meant to “mock” the baseless fears of elderly Fox News viewers that Antifa is planning mass civil unrest on November 4.

One wonders how Newsweek would have responded to a racist member of the “Alt-Right” making a “joke” about beheading black people?

Would they have dismissed it as harmless humor, or would they have demanded that person be banned by Twitter and investigated by the authorities?

Newsweek is also still claiming that an Antifa plot to stage a violent overthrow of the government or a civil war, starting November 4, is a “fake news story” invented by Infowars.

Really? The Revolutionary Communist Party website, an Antifa front, directly states that its plan, set to begin on November 4, is to “demand that the whole REGIME must go,” and that the end game is “Trump being removed” from office.

In the very next paragraph, the author states that one of the templates for this planned overthrow is contained in a book literally called The Coming Civil War.

So Antifa is directly threatening to use the template of civil war to overthrow the government, and somehow Newsweek turned that into a conspiracy theory invented by Infowars?

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend Hillary won the election. If an Alt-Right group headed by Richard Spencer wrote of its plan to violently overthrow the government using a book about inciting “civil war” as a template, would the media dismiss that as a “fake news story,” or would they report it as a genuine threat?

That’s not to say Antifa will be successful at all in starting a civil war – they will most likely just stage another ineffectual temper tantrum – but to claim Infowars made up the story is completely dishonest.

This is yet another example of how the media is running defense for Antifa, a group listed as a domestic terror outfit by the Department of Homeland Security, that has violently attacked innocent people on numerous occasions at protests across the country.