Sources: The Conservative Tribune – The Washington Examiner – The Conservative Daily Post – The Washington Times

In order for North Korea to really have any hope of achieving even the smallest part of their long-term goals, some suggest that invading South Korea would be an imperative. Still, how could N.K. do it? The truth is that they probably can’t, but that does not mean that their leader, Kim Jong-un, would not attempt it. How can anyone get inside the head of such a man, however?

One way is to rely on defectors, those who’ve left the regime and put not only their lives, but the lives of those left behind, in great peril. The Conservative Tribune confirms that during “testimony before Congress on Wednesday, a top North Korean defector warned” that Kim Jong-un aims to “be able to launch a nuclear strike at the United States” because it will “clear the way” for an invasion of the South. These are devastating plans for those who have been hoping and praying for diplomacy.

Thae Yong Ho was the number two ranking diplomat to England before fleeing the abusive kingdom in 2016. He told of how the DPRK’s quest for nuclear weapons, which are able to reach the U.S., was about far more than many suspected as he showed how South Korea could be invaded once this happens.

While Kim Jong Un has already long had the tools to destroy South Korea effectively, he also believes it is necessary to drive American forces out of the peninsula.” This may be one reason why Donald Trump has not accepted North Korea’s offer to stop their nuclear program if drills with South Korea end. Pundits have LONG wanted to know why this is, and now it seems, we have an answer.

All of this information was given to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, according to the Washington Examiner.

Speaking about Kim’s motives, the defector said, “…this can be done, he believes, by being able to credibly threaten the continental United States with nuclear weapons.” That means that the 25,000 U.S. troops in the region are likely going nowhere anytime soon.

Today, Kim Jong Un thinks that only nuclear weapons and ICBMs can help him avert the continuing disintegration of the North Korean system,” Thae admitted. He also said that the fattened despot was “ignorant” about just how powerful U.S. weapons are and what they could do to his already troubled nation.

Frankly, Kim Jong Un is not fully aware of the strength and might of American military power,” the North Korean conveyed. “Because of this misunderstanding, Kim Jong Un genuinely believes that he can break the sanctions regime apart once he compels Washington to accept North Korea’s new status after successfully completing the development of his ICBM program and putting the new missiles into deployment.”

This is what is in the madman’s mind. He imagines that Trump won’t simply destroy the installations if war breaks out. North Korea only has a limited number of nuclear weapons and, barring an EMP attack, the “KIMdom” isn’t likely to inflict much damage on the U.S. before it and their leader are obliterated.

He also said that leaders in Pyongyang find that “a prosperous South Korea and the increased access of his people to media from the South” is the biggest threat to the regime since it exposes how badly the kingdom is doing compared to the prosperity of their neighbors. Kim surely feels that is he does not strike soon, access to media is only going to hurt more as technology and means of illegally deliverying it to N.K. becomes ever easier.

The existence of a prosperous and democratic South Korea so close to the border is, by itself, a major threat towards his dynasty,” said Thae. He also feels strongly that Trump needs to talk to Kim Jong-un even if that means that no preconditions are set beforehand. This is a view shared by many from all sides of the political spectrum, particularly among the more libertarian-leaning wing of Trump’s base.

It is necessary to reconsider whether we have tried all nonmilitary options before we decide that military action against North Korea is all that is left,” the defector said, according to the Washington Times. “Before any military action is taken, I think it is necessary to meet Kim Jong-un, at least once, to understand his thinking and try to convince him that he would be destroyed.

It makes little sense to ask the cruel leader to stop his nuclear ambitions before the U.S. will talk to him since his nuclear goals are the reason for the whole problem. Hopefully, the White House will consider this option and move in this direction.

If not, the other path may lead to mushroom clouds over major cities both in the U.S. and abroad. That is an outcome that no one wants to see.