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Kevin Spacey’s Child Grooming Agency Forced To Close Down

Kevin Spacey has been forced to close down a child grooming agency he ran for Hollywood moguls and D.C. politicians.

Following the revelations by independent media outlets that the Kevin Spacey Foundation was actually a front for a child brothel catering to the rich and famous, both its website and Twitter account were swiftly shut down.

Fox News reports: After numerous allegations surfaced that Spacey targeted males as young as 14, critics questioned whether the star of “House of Cards” could continue his involvement with the youth-focused foundation.

Apparently in response, the foundation’s website, www.kevinspaceyfoundation.org, and its Twitter account, @KS_Foundation, were both deactivated, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Neither Spacey nor his foundation responded to the Free Beacon’s requests for comment.

The most recent allegation against Spacey came from an anonymous man claiming he entered a sexual relationship with the actor when he was 14 and Spacey was 24.

Spacey’s representatives reached out to Vulture, which posted the  in-depth interview, to deny the anonymous man’s claims.

Since then, two more people have madeclaims about interactions with Spacey: Tony Montana alleged that the star grabbed Montana’s crotch in public, and actor Roberto Cavazos claimed that Spacey abused his position as artistic director of London’s Old Vic Theatre.

Producers of Spacey’s hit Netflix series “House of Cards” have suspended Season 6 while the actor seeks treatment.

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