Strange: MSM claims it’s a setback for Trump as Dems sweep blue states

On the anniversary of President Trump winning the White House, Democrats are celebrating their own election wins in Democratic states which voted against Trump, and the mainstream media is spinning these victories as a “setback” for the president.

It’s amusing that the Democratic Party, which is in turmoil over the Donna Brazile revelations, has been reduced to gushing over victories in state and local elections held in Democratic strongholds.

And the mainstream media, which predicted Trump would LOSE the presidential race, is desperately trying to frame the news as the “downfall of Trump,” as if the Democrats keeping the governorship in a blue state Trump lost is a bellwether for world affairs.

The reality is that the Democrats – and their media protectors – are actually celebrating the fact they haven’t disappeared completely.

“Voters turned out in droves to send a message to the President: they’re not happy with the job he’s doing,” claimed CNN.

Of course, CNN left out the fact that these voters largely voted for Hillary Clinton because, as mentioned before, these elections were predominantly held in Democratic states.

To put it into perspective, when the GOP kept the Texas governorship with the transition from Rick Perry to Greg Abbott, did the mainstream media claim it was a “setback for Obama?” Of course not.

If anything, the recent election victories reveal the Democratic Party is transforming into a coastal, regional party that’s heavily dependent on migrant voters due to the party’s drift towards globalism, a drift which ultimately conflicts with the party’s past platform.

President Trump won the White House partially because he ran like a Democrat from the 1970s: American jobs first! Keep the factories open!

Is it really surprising then that Trump “pierced the blue wall” on Election Night 2016? He won blue states that haven’t voted for a Republican president in decades.

What we’re seeing is the emergence of a hybrid Democrat/Republican affiliation centered on an “American First” ideology which opposes the globalist factions of both the Democratic and the Republican parties that naturally resulted from the global elite exerting influence through the facade of a two-party system.

Thus the real paradigm of today is nationalism vs. globalism, and it’s not just in America but also worldwide as the nation-states of Europe are also rising up against the globalist EU.